the 5k day.

If you've been around here for any length of time then you know I like to work out. I like to run mainly, but cardio in general is my jam. I do a sprinkle of 5k's a year (I wish I did more! Much to Matt's chagrin). I already had one scheduled for the first Saturday in June, the Manheim Rock n' Glow 5k. My friend Stephanie was planning on doing The Color Run in Hershey earlier that same morning... however had to go out of town that day. So I took her bib for that and ran with her friend Melissa. Along with nine thousand other people. Which is... wow. I have done a Color Run before, in Baltimore three years ago (already?!). So I sort of knew what to expect going in, donning my bright pink socks and all!

The run went fine, crowds aside. It was mainly on grass or dirt which was new for me, and quite hilly. Of course I forgot my sunglasses and so had zero protection from said colored powder but obviously, getting messy is the point of the whole thing right? All quite silly really. But all in good fun. 
After the race I went home to get cleaned up and so on before turning around later that evening and heading out to run another.... this time in the rain. Just me and my family and Melissa was also doing this one as well. Turns out running two 5k's in a day is a thing. My family and I had a huge dinner with lots of carbs and well yes I had some wine and then off we went. It was pouring cats and dogs leading up to the start time, but thankfully backed off to nothing once we were on our way. Which I just couldn't get over. Thank God though because I had left my poncho at home? Rookie move Laur, rookie move.

Melissa and I ran with my dad, letting him set our pace. Which was a perfectly comfortable one until the final stretch at which point my father took off at a sprint. I think he was trying to get away from us there for a second. But we kept up. Sixty looks good on my dad what can I say.

And no, those glasses came off as soon as I started running. I like my peripheral vision just fine thank you very much.
Two fun ones. One day. And it was pretty cool. My legs though.... they had seen better days.  



  1. I did a color run in Hershey like two years ago and hated it! Too many people! The rock n glo looks so fun! May have to do that one!!!! Get it girl

  2. So crazy! All the running, all the carbs. They look like fun, but also more fun to see picture while I'm in bed.

  3. I did a color run in Milan..
    fab event

  4. I love The Color Run! I've done each that's come to Augusta. I wish we had a glow run.

  5. oh you go girl! 2 5ks in one day. i wouldn't have run with the glasses either haha. i've done one colour run, and no sunglasses? girl you living on the edge. though seriously, i would want a mouth guard next time haha. that stuff tastes gross!

  6. Look at you! Hardcore! I ran after Caspian the other day and I swear I pulled something. So I went back to sitting.....

  7. two in a DAY?!?! mind blowing!!!! you are amazing.

  8. Wow the Baltimore run was three years ago? Where does the time go. And what can I say? You're a beast.

  9. well that's just a lot of movement and i'm exhausted just reading it haha. look at you go! but also they look like they were both very fun :)

    xoxo cheshire kat


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