starting mdw with a hershey trip

I just love Memorial Day Weekend. Historically I stuff as much into those three or four or sometimes five (I start early what can I say?) days as I possibly can. It's sort of my process. This year the party started right on time last Friday with a trip to Hersheypark. There was a slight bump in the road when we all thought we could get in an hour early but could in fact not. And then there was the time delay in getting on the Chocolate World ride which resulted in a kind man named Joshua hooking the kids and I up with some free baked goods (thank you Joshua!). But eventually we all got our ducks in a row and into the park. Along with my brother and his family and sister and her family (missed you mom and dad!). And Matt of course as he was still away.

We went on rides of course. A first for us all was the log flume ride. I wish I could have snuck a photo of the photo of our logs that they took during the sudden drop as it was quite priceless. Word to the wise though? Be sure to hold back your young children upon impact at the bottom of the big descent. I did not and Dom got a nice face plant into the (padded) back rest in front of him. 

Anyways it was hot, so so hot, and there was a lot of school trips again but we were all (almost all) together and having fun (almost all of us). And it was a great day to kick off the beginning of summer! Are we sick of these Hersheypark posts yet? Just wait until the water park portion opens up.... batten down the hatches.
 And of course those nice photos at the end are Ashley's.