so what's new with you?

Welcome welcome! To the sixth annual Coffee Talk (did you say that like Effie Trinket ala Hunger Games?). Are we ready? I've had so much coffee lately that I'm moving at the speed of the fast filter on Snapchat. Ya with me?
Have you seen this Watch Ya' Mouth video by Joe Santagato? I know I live under a rock but I've never watched any of his videos... However that changed after this one. I don't even know what that thing is but I find the entire game hysterical.

I've got allllll these hikes planned for us for the coming months. I just love everything about it. I'll even drive an hour or more to go on a particular hike. I'm sure Matt's back and shoulders will thank me. But we have fun. At least I do. And Letty sometimes. David has a lot of issues he's working through.

My dad got Amazon Prime and now I can enjoy the perks of getting these shoes delivered to his house less than 48 hours after ordering them. Along with what else? Right?

Our pool is up and the kids have been obsessed with it. Hours upon hours of playing in there till their hands and feet are all pruney. And they have been sleeping like babies all night. Which who says that? Babies don't really sleep at night? They sleep a lot sure, but not solid down for the count see you next Tuesday sleeping. Why is this?

Now that I've lost all that weight and no longer breastfeeding I'm really excited to start wearing dresses again. Only problem being that I don't like the way my old ones fit me anymore... Too short.. Too low cut... Too "young-looking" if that is a thing? So I'm on the hunt....I've been stalking Amazon, see aforementioned Prime availability... If only I could get them all.

Letty has been.... nice lately. This is new for us. She's helpful, thoughtful, appreciative.... What does it all mean? Dominic has sort of been on the upswing as far as attitude goes... depends on the day. And David well.... He's David. Obsessing about all sorts of minuscule things and flip-flopping on so many things in a feat of irrationality one has never seen before... Kids, man. Right?

I've been reading Born to Run and wow. Fascinating! And so very much more entertaining than I ever would have thought. Should I try out barefoot running on my treadmill? Or pull a Forrest and just start running? Reading it sort of makes me want to, for sure.

What's new with you all, readers of mine?

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What's New With You