raspberries! all for our wine!

Yes. I picked more fruit. It does sort of happen all at once doesn't it? That's what summer is all about though soooo.... We pick! Every year I head to Shenk's Berry Farm for my berry needs. And I need a lot of raspberries. Matt got the genius idea a few years back to take the frozen berries and plop them into our white wine all ice cube style. It's such fun. Just wait till peach season. Frozen peaches in my wine are the things dreams are made of. Yum!

This year we wanted even more berries than last year. And we succeeded in surpassing that amount by a whopping $3. Which is a feat considering last year we got a babysitter for the kids and this year we brought them all right along with us. I thought ahead and stocked up on snacks and iphone batteries and then there was the double stroller for the boys... which was shameful I know... to look over and see David and Dom both strapped in a stroller watching YouTube train videos but, sorry. We need our berries and the orchard needs peace. Not screaming Olsen Boys.

And David still has yet to harvest a single darn thing this summer. No ma'am. Not a thing.
Last year I didn't take a single photo as I was in serious picking mode but here is the year prior.