pool time with the big kids and swimways!

This post was sponsored by SwimWays as part of an Activation for Influence Central. I received products to facilitate my review.
Going near a pool these days is far from the relaxing days of olde, you know the ones, where you would float around and sip your drinks and roll over into the water once you got too hot... where you'd just bake and bake and genuinely relax and enjoy life? Yeah those days are probably no more once you have three little kids six (almost) and under... Or are they?
Over the weekend when we were in Ocean City, Maryland (more on that to come), Matt would stay back at the house while Dom napped and I would take the big kids to the pool. Where I was quite pleased to discover that we are almost back to relaxation at the pool. Almost. I did strap a Puddle Jumper on David and put Letty in floaties just in case, but I able to do what I like to do best in pools. Float. The SwimWays Spring Float Recliner (found nationwide at Walmart or online here) is meant for floating, as it's name dictates. There's no sticky thigh situation happening because of the fabric covering the inflated portion... a lovely backrest/headrest combo exists where I can still lean back but also watch the big kids play... and of course the ever important cup holder for aforementioned beverages, without which swimming would only be marginally spectacular. I personally enjoy that I can dip my toes into the end or prop them up. Okay okay, and I like that David can hang out in there as well and float around. And it fits a few tiny hineys on the seat. Because let's be honest things are my most favorite when I can also include my children. If they would only share it with me more often.
And the "spring" part of the whole name? Well that just made it so much easier to pack it up and take it with us to the beach last weekend. This is the only float on the market with patented Inner Spring Technology... Once closed up it fit under the floor in the van and was so easy to cart over to the pool with the rest of our gear... and it was like poof! open and ready to go with a little bit of lung action. 

It's no secret to those that know Matt that he is obsessed with pools. He's been trying to convince my parents that he would be their cabana boy if they would only install one. Since they are refusing to comply (for now), we have invested in our own little version of a pool. But what one might not know is that when the sun goes down you may very well find Matt in that same swimming pool. Floating. On this. Sans children.

Learn more about the SwimWays Spring Float Recliner here! Or their Facebook page, or Twitter!