our memorial day

I'm always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to holiday recaps... But seeing as I'm one to just fill a weekend to the brim you can see how that would happen. So our Memorial Day 2016! An entire week and a day later!
They were calling for rain here last Monday and so our town decided to cancel their parade, which was ridiculous in hindsight because it was an absolutely perfect day with not a single drop of rain so... shame on you people that make those decisions. Everyone but my dad decided to just hop right on over to the neighboring town of Lititz to see their parade that was not cancelled. We parked in the park and walked right across the street where we had a bench in the shade in front of a coffee shop. Talk about a perfect parade spot. Plenty of seating... caffeine... and cool air. The parade itself was pretty short, but still longer than the normal one we attend, and much much shorter than the one we had gone to over the weekend, a perfect parade length if I may. I could probably wax on about parades and my favorite things about them and my least favorite things about them but I fear only I care this much about parades... so. 
After the parade we headed back to my parent's house for our annual bbq, as well as kiddie pool time and bounce house time and battery operated vehicle driving time. Can you remember what a holiday was like before kids? I sure can't, but I bet it was a heck of a lot quieter and more boring. Kids bring life to the place, am I right? And we are just setting them up for a lifetime of fond MDW memories if you ask me. Like trying to get a cousin photo in their matching Old Navy shirts (niece's here, Letty's here, boy's here)... That's gonna be a good one.

And of course all the lovely photos are from Ashley.

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