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our father's day


Our Father's Day started out with all of yesterday's antics as you all know... but it ended with a big family dinner at my parent's house. Somehow my mom did almost all the cooking herself, trying to make as many favorites as possible to suit the four dad's of the group. After dinner we took to outside so my dad could show off the new tricks his drone can do (mainly be programmed for a flight which is pretty cool) and then the kids (and a few dads) ran around in the sprinklers. All before calling it a night and heading home to put those very same kids to bed. I've said it a hundred times before and I'll say it again I'm sure forever and ever... but what did we ever do without kids? They just add so much joy and entertainment and love to a day. Any old day, not just on Father's Day.
It may have ended quite low-key but I think that the dads enjoyed themselves. I hope they know how much they are loved and appreciated by all!



  1. your mom is a rockstar! what a great way to round out the day. and sprinklers - what kid (and hey, some adults) don't love that! happy friday friend!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Such a great day! I think you all rocked it to make it special for the days! :) So great! And yes kids definitely make it better. Thank goodness you have little ones to keep me entertained. My 19 year old manages to hide for special events these days LOL! XO B

  3. I am always a fan when favorite foods are prepared. Dad faves usually are excellent! That is a nice yard for sprinklers too.

  4. your mom is a champ!!! and that is soooo us, too, on any given evening.. my dad loves his drone!! also, agreed!!! whaaat was life without the little ones?? it's the best!!! hard, but the best. :) happy father's day to matt! [just pretend like it's last weekend and in saying that!]

  5. Sounds like a great Father’s Day! Those drones are so cool. Did your dad have to get a permit for his? I heard some drones require a permit and have to be registered! So wild. What a lovely yard!

  6. Ahh this seems so long ago!! I'm behind on your blog!!! Sounds like a nice day. I know Steve prefers low key!


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