ocean city, md the third day

On our last full day at the beach we headed early over to the actual beach with all our gear. Dom learned that he loves the waves and would run fearlessly straight into them. Repeatedly. He ate more sand and it fully disgusted me,  but there's only so much you can do. There were a few tantrums regarding someone else's shovel and my sunscreen bottle but we got through it. The big kids played hard and loved life. And Matt's back thanked them, I'm sure of it. Sam got to touch the ocean for the first time and you can imagine how that was welcomed. Syd warmed up enough to me to take a single cracker from my hands, and our fingers even touched briefly.... And to round it out Dominic hated every time we tried to get him to pose for a photo. You can see by my manic face in the family photo that I've about had it with his antics. The things vacations are made of am I right? It can take a lot out of a kid being able to play outside and play hard and the beach especially...
We left mid afternoon and did the whole nap and swim and drink routine before our final dinner on the deck. We always have to get our group photo now that the family changes so much year to year of course... Aunt Sue took us all on a walk over to the marina to give the kids something to do and burn off yet more energy to round out the night before our final "sleepover" as David called it... Not a bad place to live, their area, you know?
The wind kept us off the boat the final two days which left me feeling a bit blue... And so then come Monday morning with temperatures too cold to beach it and the wind too hard to boat it we packed up and headed home. Thank you so much for having us Uncle Glenn and Aunt Sue! As always it was a lovely time!!! Until next year! 

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  1. ah what a lovely trip. also hello tan italians. jealous. haha. and dom. oh dom. haha. that group fam photo with the shovel looks dangerous and equally hilarious. good times!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. What a fun trip! You are making me even more excited for our beach trip next month!

  3. Oh what a wonderful trip! Your posts make me feel like I was there! How great to have this yearly tradition with family at such a beautiful location!!

  4. All I can think of is the song Casper the friendly ghost bc of my lack of rubbing in sunscreen on poor Syds face. Ha!

  5. oh i gather beach time was not so relaxing for you!!! vacation last rarely are though as a mother, right?! what is that about?! ;) but ahhh what a sweet family gathering! and not a bad place to live away all. so incredible!

  6. Kids can be such ungrateful snots. Here is this super fun thing kids love, ok...but don't take my dang picture or no go. Bummer about too windy to boat.


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