ocean city, md the second day

Our Saturday at the beach was a nice relaxing one... Hanging out together at the house... Setting out crab pots and checking out horseshoe crabs (we caught two!). Uncle Glenn got the boat ready to go and we packed up the lot and headed out again, this time for a longer trek. Dom got over his life jacket disdain and loved standing at the front of the boat letting the wind blow back his hair. A stand in masthead if you will. Also! First time all five Olsen cousins are together in one single photo. Life jackets and all!
When we got back in and the babies down we once more went for a swim before another dinner on the deck. After which the kids and Aunt Sue did a little dance with broken palm fronds all to a ukulele tune. It was really quite beachy if you ask me. We decided to sit on the boat (on the dry dock) this night and watch the sunset because it really was the best view. And then it was so comfortable that we stayed on the boat to stargaze and ISS-watch the rest of the night. And it was good.