ocean city, md the first day

Every summer that we aren't due to birth a human we head down to Matt's aunt and uncle's house in Ocean City, Maryland for a long weekend. Matt's brother and his family made the trek as well with their too littles and a car full of gear. On Friday we packed up and headed to the beach, which is no small feat considering. When I was younger we went to the beach with a towel. Maybe a drink. Now it's carts and umbrellas and chairs and coolers and toys and etc. I don't hate it. But it's not a walk in the sand.

Dom loved just sitting in the sand, marinating in it if you will. He ate a lot of it, par for the course. The kids wanted to do nothing but jump waves, which is a daddy job if you ask me. It was a tad chilly right by the water that day so I preferred to sit back a bit and just soak it all in... All while trying to keep as much sand as I could off my person.
After lunch we headed back to put the babies down for their naps before heading over to the pool for a few hours. Soaking up some vitamin d like I do best! Followed by dinner of course and then we took the boat out for a quick spin under the Harpoon Hanna's bridge and back. Dom rocked his pink life jacket (thank you baby Avery!) and hated every second. But it was great to get out and see Cap'n Glenn and his First Mate navigate their new boat!
We then let the bigger kids stay up late and watch the sun set over the bay... They get good sky there that's for sure. 



  1. What a great weekend! I think any weekend spent at the beach is pure perfection. Loving those sunset pictures!!

  2. What an amazing day! Fabulous pics! And poor Dom didn't like the boat :( I'm sure he will grow to love it. And someday when he has his own boat you pull out the pic of the pink life jacket wearing baby! LOL! great pics. Now to convince my honey we must do Ocean City next summer LOL! :)

  3. I'm sweating just thinking about packing up to and from the beach. Great pictures!

  4. I love it! I hate going to the beach with things. Things you carry. And that's exactly what I like to do at the beach. Sit back and let daddy do the waves and keep the sand off of me.

  5. beach time!! that is the best. the kids playing in the sand. i mean sand everywhere. but worth it for those grins. love the life jackets on the little ones :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. letty and david hugging!!!! melt me!!! gosh, that is precious. isn't it amazing that no matter what they have each other? this whole thing is heavenly. and dom dom's little tan feet. YUM!


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