letty vs. siri 5.0

L: Siri can you put on Disney Junior?
S: Who me?

L: Can you put on Disney Junior!!!
S: Puts on Disney Junior. 
L: [gasps]

L: Hey Siri you remember like at Nonna's like at far away like....
S: That may be beyond my abilities at the moment. 
L: Gah!!!!!

L: Hey you remember a long time ago...
S: This is about you, not me. 
L: Ugggggggh!!!!!

L: Can you do Disney World?
S: I don't know what you mean by I didn't is it fling. How about a web search for it?

L: Uhm what's your favorite princess?
S: Who me?

L: Sooo, where do you live?
S: Right here. 

L: Where do you live!
S: Where ever you are that's where I am. 

L: Uhm what street do you live in?
S: Checking my sources here is what I found on the web for what is 3 do you 11.

L: Siri what is your favorite princess?
S: That one. No, that one. Or maybe that one. Yep. That one.

L: What's your favorite, like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White?
S: Letty, you're not supposed to ask your assistant such things.

L: How do you know my name?
S: You can change your name in the Contacts app. If you'd like me to call you something else, just say, "Change my nickname."

L: Uhmm....
S: Sorry, I didn't get that.

L: Are you sleeping in bed now?
S: I don't know what that means. If you like, I can search the web for "I'm are you sleeping in bed now."

L: You are so funny!
S: Was it something I said?

L: Siri what's in your room like dectcourseatins like in my room?
S: Let me check that...

L: What do you have in your room Siri!!
S: I can't answer that.

L: Why not?!
S: You see things, and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were, and I say, 'Why not?'

Past Siri conversations here!



  1. haha this is always too fun. that photo of letty is adorable btw. love how she gets all frustrated with siri. we all do girl. we all do.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. That girl! Her and Siri and Princesses! I love it! :) xo B

  3. hahaha this is hilarious! i am jealous, your siri is much funnier than mine.. mine doesn't understand me, rude.

  4. Oh my word! This is hilarious. I should record Mason's conversations with Siri because they crack me up! I actually just had one pop up in my timehop.

    M: Noooo Siri. Not Nathan Hall. I'm Mason Hall. I'm just a kid with glasses and yellow hair.

  5. These are so funny!!! Chris and I always crack up when the kids end up hitting siri and they just start asking ridiculous things. The boys get a little too boy like with it, and we have to shut it down. LOL

  6. lol! oh kids and their new fangled technology

  7. Haaa this reminds me of our conversation about bob vila with Siri 😂


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