daniel's den

So named of course, after Daniel in the Lion's Den for those of you versed in the ways of the bible. A park, bordering a church, with a section for little ones and a section for big ones as well as little ones that only wish they were big ones. We have done this once before, of course, and that did not end well, even though the photos may make it appear otherwise. This time though we were down an adult, because my sister works on Tuesday's... So even with the odds being in the children's favor, there was no mutiny. My sister-in-law Ashley of course there with her wonderful big camera to capture all the great childhood expressions and moments on camera. To which I am forever grateful. 

The kids played and after awhile we all sat in the covered pavilion for a little picnic lunch. Three babies and zero high chairs and yet we all lived to tell the tale. The kids ran around the soccer fields and then we had to leave so the babies could nap. Which let me tell you about how I keep babies awake in the car for the ride home, I'm a real gas, what can I say... but I want babies to nap in their cribs not in their car seats so I'll try anything. Including but not limited to: tickling their feet, giving them drinks or snacks, iPads, singing loudly for all to hear (our favorite sing-a-long songs are currently Should've Been a Cowboy, Drivin' in My Car, Dominick the Donkey, Wagon Wheel, Don't Be Late). Then there is rolling down the windows. Rolling up the windows. More tickling. Whatever it takes. Then we arrived back at my mother's and the big kids wanted to show Nonna their scooting skills. Before you knew it the boys had their shirts off and all four of them were running through sprinklers and laughing and squealing and just generally loving life. All to be followed up by ice cream sandwiches in the shade. Turns out a nap during a beautiful summer day would have to wait a little. Because days like this are going to be some of my fondest memories. For me, for my kids, and probably for Nonna too.