cherry picking day! with ice cream!

It's a tradition universally acknowledged within my family that if there is a fruit to be picked I am frantic to get there. Even if my immediate family isn't a cherry eating family, I never pass up the cherries. I've frozen them in the past but never ended up using them... One year a Kiwi came and ate the lot which was pretty cool. But this year we picked for my father, a real cherry fanatic.

Now this year the early spring frosts put a hurting on these poor little cherry trees and so the start of picking season was delayed... as was the crop. Whereas in the past you could see the trees just covered with cherries, this year you had to search a bit... Just putting my farmer hat on what can I say? Turned out it was a good thing I was so frantic to get there because the season only lasted two days!
My mother and my sister were unable to join me on this particular day due to a combination of grandmother-sitting, working, a nap, and my inability to wait for anything.... and they were missed. I was joined however by my sister-in-law and niece Mikayla. 

Letty took right to the ladders and started picking the real dark ones she knows her Poppop likes as if she was an old pro. David stayed cautiously on the second-to-bottom ladder rung and held open my bag, refusing to so much as pick a single cherry. Dominic sat contentedly in the umbrella stroller munching away on his goldfish. Until I gave him a cherry and then it was Sunday bloody Sunday all over the place. Mikayla wanted so very  much to climb up and join her big cousins on the ladder... but had to settle for taking cherries from the adults and placing them into her bag. 

It was hot in there.... and so after we looked down at our bounty and decided we had enough we left, six pounds between the group. I think you can tell what photos belong to me and what photos belong to my sister-in-law by this point...
We had packed a picnic lunch and headed towards Pine View Dairy to do some baby cow watching and get some ice cream afterwards. The cow part was great, some of the calves only two days old (so sweet!). I braved up a bit this time and let the bigger kids pet them and I myself even got a handlicking. The day took a sharp turn to negative town during lunch when something (who knows what?) greatly offended my youngest past the point of no return. The poor calves had to endure quite the show of hysterics unlike I've seen heretofore. Or else I just forget the real negative? Anyways in the scheme of the entire day the fifteen minute tantrum shouldn't overshadow the rest.... But I'm sure glad Ashley was there all calm and cool and took him on a walk to bring him back to zero.
And yeah, I let him have a lick of my ice cream even though he certainly didn't deserve it... and I did let him cart around the cone then too after I got most of the ice cream out. Because I'm a sucker and hashtag third child.

Past cherry picking days: 2015. 2014. 2013.



  1. i just love cherries. and thanks for nothing, david. haha. all the cute babies with ice cream.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. aaaaall the picking, please!!! i love it!! still bummed i missed strawberries around here. but how cute with your happy little pickers and moomoo cows and ice cream and that is all just the best! minus tantrums.

  3. I love cherries. I'm the only one in my family that does but I love them. I have never been able to pick them. I'm going to have to come up and visit! LOL :) and I love all the different ice cream going on there. It was a flavor abundance I'm sure. Great post as always! xo B

  4. Oh my goodness the cows! We stopped at this little dairy farm in Canada on our drive and spent two hours with the baby cows. I was obsessed, and then covered in cow drool. But it reminded me of growing up on a ranch, and I never wanted to leave!

  5. A 2 day season? Wow! What a fun time. I wanted to go Strawberry picking, but couldn’t find a farm anywhere near us. Need corn? We have thousands of corn farms, but not a single strawberry farm. Love all of the photos!

  6. You are my fruit picking hero!!

  7. mmmm the ice cream sounds like the best part haha. sorry about the hysterics though, that's a bummer. i have never been any fruit picking, i am not a huge fan of cherries so perhaps i shouldn't start with those. why only 2 days? that's very short lol

  8. Good thing you were on the ball for the two day window. Cherries are pricy. Aria really loved them when she had them forever ago. I guess it is cherry ish season? Maybe they will be cheaper. I haven't looked. The cows would be my fave part. They are so clean looking and cute! Little cow licks.

  9. I'm not a big cherry fan either but it's the memories! I'm sure your dad appreciated it. Cute baby cows!!


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