adventure ready!

I'm just all about taking the kids on hikes as of late if you haven't noticed. There are many reasons for that of course, getting the kids into the great outdoors, exercise and fresh air, exploring new places and seeing new things, and also to acclimatize them to a world that involves a little bit of mud and some bugs too, you know? I love that my kids don't like to be dirty, don't get me wrong, but I'd also love it if they weren't nancies. Ew, bug! That's something I am tired of hearing. That and David's new found obsession with "snapping" goose. Which basically is any goose, duck or such foul. It's becoming an overwhelming problem for him. Don't worry, he's seeing a Buddhist about it. 

Anyways, after Matt returned from his two week long training I had lots on the agenda for him, one such thing being a family hike. We just really missed him! Lots of father bonding time was necessary. We headed to Gifford Pinchot State Park, the once home of our college friend Kerri. There's a nice sized lake and lots of hiking trails going this way and that. Plus quite a lot of wildflowers which was a pleasant surprise! We chose a portion of the Lakeside Trail and just went for it. All the while hearing about the snapping goose and the mud. I'm hoping the more often we go the less we'll have to hear it? A girl can dream.

Second anyways, Matt hasn't worn a wrist watch in years, and so when JORD contacted me asking if I wanted to be a part of this Father's Day campaign I couldn't say no! These are such cool watches and I needed a unique gift for Matt this year... And he deserves it, you know? After all he does for the kids and for myself, I was happy to be able to do this for him.

JORD was so kind as to send us the Delmar Series Dark Sandalwood and Blue Carbon wrist watch. And he loves it. Obviously. He couldn't get over how light it was, which is just part of the watch's amazingness! It fit him perfectly upon arrival which makes a guy feel extra special I'd wager. I'm just sort of excited for him to start getting all the wrist watch compliments that I've been getting on my watch. Matt so rarely treats himself, and he so should if you ask me! So thank you JORD! For creating a great wrist watch and great gifts for men in general on this coming Father's Day! He plans on taking this watch on many other hikes that his wife has up her sleeve. I have a list. I do.

Third anyways.... photos of our hike last weekend! New wrist watch and all!

If you're looking for a unique Fathers Day gift for the man in your life check out the other men's wrist watches here. Also! I've partnered with JORD to giveaway a limited quantity of e-gift codes for $25 off your very own wrist watch! Just use DADblogandiamo25 at checkout! Happy shopping!

Until the next hike...



  1. I got one for Dan last year and he loves it!! Wears it all the time. They are so light and awesome!
    Pinchot! So fun!

  2. very nice pics..i love your watches

  3. Yay my home! Le sigh. I miss that pretty place. watch looks great on matteo. and thanks for showing the photos of david losing it. bc it's real life people! haha. also makes me chuckle. more hikes yes!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. hahaha i hope my kids aren't nancies as well. although honestly, i'm a bit of one (ew bug!) so i'll make KC take them outside to the great outdoors. love the watches!

  5. you really are getting good at hikes!! haha!! and nancies. oooh no, no nancies. i feel the same. i like it when mine don't *want* to get dirty, but... well. let's just say my princess is not afraid of bug squashing, which has almost baffled me lately. and oh, the watch looks so great on matt!!!! steven LOVES his. loves. which makes me so happy. i love mine, too!


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