a lititz-cation and a parade and a bbq

Continuing on with our Memorial Day Weekend Extravaganza on last Saturday past.... Matt was home (finally!) and we had our sights set on the Lititz Farmer's Market. Which was.... small. Like a half a block. We walked it twice in less than one minute and then faired thee well to my parents before continuing on to Lititz Springs Park with my sister and her family. We were met by my sister-in-law Ashley and her mother as well for a little park action. We fed the ducks and the kids played on the swing sets and the train.... and then we all decided that it was beer thirty and why not hit up the famous Bullshead? Well sure, let's all do this. It was like a day on one of our vacations. Almost all of us together just wandering around doing this and that and hanging out and of course drinking and the kids all together and it was good. You know?
And then! We went home for a quick lunch before heading over to the Mount Joy Parade. Which was... intense. It was insanely hot. Like face of the sun hot. And it was insanely long. Like over and hour and a half long with no end in sight long. We tried to make it to the end.... but we had to throw in the towel for cooler pastures. 
And then! Matt's brother and his family came over for our annual MDW get together thing. We had the first bbq of the weekend with ribs and mac and cheese and corn and then we all went out back for a quick fire pit before tubbies and bed. And some of these photos were taken by Holly so, thanks!

It was a day of days... and I wonder why David is naughty? But it was the things summers are made of.

Thanks to Ashley for all the fantastic photos!

Over and out for the longest blog post ever. If you think this was long you should have joined us this Saturday. Sheesh.