10 vs 3.5

We spent over ten hours in the car on Saturday last for three and a half hours spent at my cousin's graduation party. They are twins, so it's double the fun. Bet they never heard that before right? 

What are our other options when it comes to this drive? Spending the night with family of course... Getting a hotel... But through the years we have learned it's just better to do it all in a day, rather than pack up all we would need for a night's stay. And my parents? They will have done this whole there-and-back routine three weekends in a row. Celebrating family! So yes, we drive there. And party. Then drive home. A drive that could take only three and a half hours (I've been known to have made it just shy of three...) but it's New York so there is always traffic, ie it always takes longer. In this circumstance over five hours... the final stretch pretty much all stop and go. Anyways. We got there. 

I don't know about where you come from, so I can only speak to my experience with my own, but it was a swim in the pool and have soda and chips kind of thing when I graduated high school (am I exaggerating? Maybe a little.). With family and some friends. In New York that doesn't fly. In New York there are DJs and dance floors. Mechanical Bulls and photo booths. Camp fires and a smores station. Dessert bars... Tiny little grilled cheeses that were brought to you on a platter. Tiny little oreo cupcakes. And those marshmallows that were all different flavors? Who knew is all I can say.

We got Letty a Shirley Temple upon arrival as a reward for good behavior... David went down the rabbit hole for awhile after he was told he was too small to ride the bull (New York and their insurance laws must be stricter than PA when it comes to bull riding age). Dom and Lena enjoyed the dance floor immensely. We got to spend time with cousins and aunts and uncles and do a lot of eating and so on. And thank God they had porn on the pob for David to get him back from whence he came.
 And then after all that was done we kissed our family goodbye and returned home to a state with lesser traffic. Thank God. I would have a coronary if I had to drive in that daily. 



  1. omg this party. NY does it right every time. it's insane. give me all the baby grilled cheeses. and i laughed when you said david went down the rabbit hole. lol i can see it now. what a fun time! minus traffic. awful

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. you guys are car ride CHAMPIONS. i do not know how you do it. we used to drive 5 hours to college and a long weekend at home was still not enough for me to be okay getting back in the car. and anyway, that party!!! i didn't even have a graduation party, myself. womp womp. i didn't care really. i get uncomfortable with parties being for me. but attending them!! i'd happily go to that one! macarons and photobooths and mechanical bulls?! and you guys all look so adorable!!! happy graduation, twins!!

    1. oh, i forgot to say, is letty graduating? because she looks SO grown up! stop that! pretty girl! :)

  3. Holy graduation! It was definitely bbq style for us. Sounds fun, though! And your family looks so cute. I totally thought your little guy was wearing a bow tie in one of the photos and then realized it was the collar of his shirt. So adorable!

  4. They had Ben and Jerrys??! All that yummy food! And a dance floor, naturally. ;) looks like a good time! Glad you survived the drive haha

  5. My mom made lasagna (my favorite) and we had like 5 people over for dinner lol

  6. Those aren't marshmallows...those are bricks! Um I think we went out to dinner after I graduated. I guess I'll have to step up my game for Aria.

  7. Ummm...does your family want to adopt a small family of six with a dog? I mean, WOW! I had a graduation party, but it was more like, Kelsey please don't waste our money when you go to college. Thank you.


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