letty vs. siri 5.0

L: Siri can you put on Disney Junior?
S: Who me?

L: Can you put on Disney Junior!!!
S: Puts on Disney Junior. 
L: [gasps]

L: Hey Siri you remember like at Nonna's like at far away like....
S: That may be beyond my abilities at the moment. 
L: Gah!!!!!

L: Hey you remember a long time ago...
S: This is about you, not me. 
L: Ugggggggh!!!!!

L: Can you do Disney World?
S: I don't know what you mean by I didn't is it fling. How about a web search for it?

L: Uhm what's your favorite princess?
S: Who me?

L: Sooo, where do you live?
S: Right here. 

L: Where do you live!
S: Where ever you are that's where I am. 

L: Uhm what street do you live in?
S: Checking my sources here is what I found on the web for what is 3 do you 11.

L: Siri what is your favorite princess?
S: That one. No, that one. Or maybe that one. Yep. That one.

L: What's your favorite, like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White?
S: Letty, you're not supposed to ask your assistant such things.

L: How do you know my name?
S: You can change your name in the Contacts app. If you'd like me to call you something else, just say, "Change my nickname."

L: Uhmm....
S: Sorry, I didn't get that.

L: Are you sleeping in bed now?
S: I don't know what that means. If you like, I can search the web for "I'm are you sleeping in bed now."

L: You are so funny!
S: Was it something I said?

L: Siri what's in your room like dectcourseatins like in my room?
S: Let me check that...

L: What do you have in your room Siri!!
S: I can't answer that.

L: Why not?!
S: You see things, and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were, and I say, 'Why not?'

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raspberries! all for our wine!

Yes. I picked more fruit. It does sort of happen all at once doesn't it? That's what summer is all about though soooo.... We pick! Every year I head to Shenk's Berry Farm for my berry needs. And I need a lot of raspberries. Matt got the genius idea a few years back to take the frozen berries and plop them into our white wine all ice cube style. It's such fun. Just wait till peach season. Frozen peaches in my wine are the things dreams are made of. Yum!

This year we wanted even more berries than last year. And we succeeded in surpassing that amount by a whopping $3. Which is a feat considering last year we got a babysitter for the kids and this year we brought them all right along with us. I thought ahead and stocked up on snacks and iphone batteries and then there was the double stroller for the boys... which was shameful I know... to look over and see David and Dom both strapped in a stroller watching YouTube train videos but, sorry. We need our berries and the orchard needs peace. Not screaming Olsen Boys.

And David still has yet to harvest a single darn thing this summer. No ma'am. Not a thing.
Last year I didn't take a single photo as I was in serious picking mode but here is the year prior.


thomas is a very useful engine.

It wouldn't be June without a visit from Thomas! And as tradition dictates we head there each June with our old neighbor loves to pay our respects. I think this was the first year where it was actually a pleasant visit from start to end. Normally David loses his literal mind in Strasburg and cannot be reasoned with. Last year Steph carried him out kicking and screaming....So.... I did not have high hopes. I actually threatened to never ever I mean never return to Strasburg again if he pulled another stunt like that. 

I was in no rush. That's the key with David, I think. Let him take his time and check it all out. Lately I've been trying to adopt the Fitz motto of "go with the flow and don't sweat the small stuff" and it may have just worked. We stood in that train table tent for probably an hour (which was actually perfect because then Steph and I got to have an actual conversation rather than chasing after five different kids in five different directions)... Then we slowly meandered over to the stage where the kids played musical instruments and Avery got back up on stage and sang and sang. And sang. That girl has the best confidence I'll tell you. Letty and David actually joined her, minus the singing. After just letting those kids have their fun we slowly walked over to get their annual tattoos and then sloooowly wandered out to see Thomas and Percy (pronounced like a certain slang term if you know what I mean). We watched. We waved. Liam called out "I love you Thomas!" and then we left, having a picnic lunch back under the tent. 
And we were able to leave without so much as a single tear. Probably because Aunt Steph said the words "our house" and "bounce house" and "water table". That Aunt Steph. She knows what she's doing....

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cherry picking day! with ice cream!

It's a tradition universally acknowledged within my family that if there is a fruit to be picked I am frantic to get there. Even if my immediate family isn't a cherry eating family, I never pass up the cherries. I've frozen them in the past but never ended up using them... One year a Kiwi came and ate the lot which was pretty cool. But this year we picked for my father, a real cherry fanatic.

Now this year the early spring frosts put a hurting on these poor little cherry trees and so the start of picking season was delayed... as was the crop. Whereas in the past you could see the trees just covered with cherries, this year you had to search a bit... Just putting my farmer hat on what can I say? Turned out it was a good thing I was so frantic to get there because the season only lasted two days!
My mother and my sister were unable to join me on this particular day due to a combination of grandmother-sitting, working, a nap, and my inability to wait for anything.... and they were missed. I was joined however by my sister-in-law and niece Mikayla. 

Letty took right to the ladders and started picking the real dark ones she knows her Poppop likes as if she was an old pro. David stayed cautiously on the second-to-bottom ladder rung and held open my bag, refusing to so much as pick a single cherry. Dominic sat contentedly in the umbrella stroller munching away on his goldfish. Until I gave him a cherry and then it was Sunday bloody Sunday all over the place. Mikayla wanted so very  much to climb up and join her big cousins on the ladder... but had to settle for taking cherries from the adults and placing them into her bag. 

It was hot in there.... and so after we looked down at our bounty and decided we had enough we left, six pounds between the group. I think you can tell what photos belong to me and what photos belong to my sister-in-law by this point...
We had packed a picnic lunch and headed towards Pine View Dairy to do some baby cow watching and get some ice cream afterwards. The cow part was great, some of the calves only two days old (so sweet!). I braved up a bit this time and let the bigger kids pet them and I myself even got a handlicking. The day took a sharp turn to negative town during lunch when something (who knows what?) greatly offended my youngest past the point of no return. The poor calves had to endure quite the show of hysterics unlike I've seen heretofore. Or else I just forget the real negative? Anyways in the scheme of the entire day the fifteen minute tantrum shouldn't overshadow the rest.... But I'm sure glad Ashley was there all calm and cool and took him on a walk to bring him back to zero.
And yeah, I let him have a lick of my ice cream even though he certainly didn't deserve it... and I did let him cart around the cone then too after I got most of the ice cream out. Because I'm a sucker and hashtag third child.

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