wildflower preserve! and more!

Here I am again with that darn article that was ran in our local paper a few weeks ago... I'm such a sucker! One of the top scenic destinations in Lancaster County includes the Shenk's Ferry Wildflower Preserve... And of course I had never been so I had to go. There's not a ton of information on the web regarding this trail, but I found this to be the most helpful. I felt prepared. The sun was shining, I was wearing closed toe shoes, I had directions and knew where to park and a trail map. Done! Except no one could go with me on last Thursday and I wanted to take advantage of the sun while it lasted.... so I did it solo. Just me. And the kids. Apparently I need other adventurous stay-at-home mom friends? Is there a support group of mentally unstable stay-at-home moms who take their three little children into the unknown woods just for the sake of possible flower peepage??? Is there? 

All that to say, I went anyways. Because I'm stubborn like that. And it all turned out just fine in the end now didn't it?  Minus the fact that based on my post-hike Instagram stalking we missed the majority of the flowers by a week or two. So next year? I must go in April. And also? Drive a different vehicle. Because see the mile long road leading to the trail head? Well it isn't paved. And it isn't really flat. It's all bumpy and muddy and full of ditches and yeah. It was only one lane... nowhere to go but forward, and the entire time I was praying and thanking the gods that I had AAA just in case the van got stuck. Which it didn't, of course. And then on the exiting journey I kept myself entertained by singing this.
After we somehow miraculously escaped I decided to reward the children for listening and not fighting the entire time, and in fact making the hike an actual enjoyable experience by getting them ice cream. I've driven by Pine View Dairy quite a few times but never stopped in... which let me say I will remedy by stopping by each and every time we pick fruit down at Cherry Hill Orchards, which is often. They have home made ice cream from milk the cows on property produce. If it's milking time the kids can watch that whole process and any old time they have baby cows you can pretty much pet. 
As if this wasn't enough I decided since I already had the kid's lunches packed we would go to a local park and eat there before playing on the playground. Then it was time to go home for Dom's nap and I got the water table out for the big kids. Hashtag fun parent. Right?