things I miss about matt when he's away

Matt was away for work training last week and here and there and well when your husband is away you realize how much his absence affects you. And the kids. So what do I miss most about him? A satire?
I need to cook. Pssss.... I just cannot make a meal like the lovely homemade pizza pictured above. Unless it comes in a box?

I can't continue on with Game of Thrones. I shall be forever stuck in the beginning of season two until he returns... Or Detour for that matter. Or Caribbean Life. Or even Outlander, shockingly enough. I didn't realize he liked the show that much until I went to watch it without him. He was aghast. (That word always makes me think of Les Mis. Anyone else? Anyone have that movie that I can borrow for that matter??)

I need to refill my own water in the morning. See also make my own coffee. See also pour myself my own wine. I mean truly, this is such a travesty. What is a girl to do?


Working out at night alone reading my books in silence is getting old. Forty-five minutes in absolute silence? Who wants that?

The multiple loads of laundry/dishes/bags of trash that he creates whilst home. God love him, but that man makes himself quite a lot of mess.

The good cop. I'm the bad cop, always and forever the bad cop. And Matt well, no surprise here, is the good cop. I can try and play both roles but we all know that that will never end well. I'm a bad cop through and through. There's only so much good I can muster up.... Sometimes a second helping of whip cream is just not good for you, you know?

Rearranging my pillows nine hundred times a day. The man just loves to move around my throw pillows. And I just love them put back into place immediately upon exiting the couch. I believe this is called an impasse.

All joking aside, because that's pretty much my MO.... being without Matt is no picnic. He does so much for me and for the kids (as if that isn't abundantly clear) that his absence is felt.... immensely. Every day. All day. We miss him. Boo work training. Boo.



  1. the throw pillows ha!!! constantly! but i feel ya. no matter how much mess they can create, it always better with the man of the house home!!! i'm gonna go make my own coffee now... :/

  2. haha oh matteo. i mean he's super helpful in every darn way huh? i mean who is gonna refill the wine! and coffee! blast. the not being able to watch shows party sucks a lot though i'm not gonna lie

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. sweetest post about the hubs ever! And I totally get the shows thing there are just things you have to do together. Me and my honey "press play" we watch shows at the same time, him on a roku or laptop when he travels and me at home. We press play at the exact same time and then we can watch "together". But your sweet Matteo will be home soon! :)

  4. If only you had your shows to help you pass the time till he returns. Not having those and having to get your own wine. I don't think I could manage.;-)

  5. boo work training indeed. i can't believe he likes outlander lol. that is awesome. KC judges me when I watch those shows.
    you know, if you eat the whole can of whip cream in one go, it's technically one serving, right?


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