some generally unknown things

As it is Friday the 13th I thought I would share 13 random little facts about yours truly... If you know me in real life you probably are well aware of some of these... maybe.
I yell. A lot. My house is not one of quiet calmness and serenity... Sometimes sure... like in the middle of the night or for a few minutes when Dom is napping. But...

My kids drive me crazy sometimes. Like up a wall. Whether it's Letty's attitude, David's irrationality, or Dominic's unexplained fits. I feel like I'm fit for a straight jacket by the end of the day.

I'm very tightly wound. 

There is a self-induced frenzy when any meal is served. It's like if I don't get the food cut up and in front of the kids faces immediately then I am facing most certain death. 

I only wash my hair twice a week. And I only brush it with my fingers when I wash it. Gross?

We do not have a screen time limit in this house. For anyone. But we probably most definitely should. Suggestions?

Sometimes I like to fill up an online shopping cart with all the things I want and then virtually walk away. A girl can dream right?

I will always throw food at the problem. Meaning if my kids are in any way fussy I'm like hmmm here have a snack. I get it honestly. Manga!

I have terrible nightmares of my kids falling off of the cruise ship decks. My stomach is in knots having just typed that...

We have a nightlight problem in this house. Pitch darkness is not my jam. There are eight of them upstairs alone. Two lights on the first floor are on timers and on all night long and there are three motion sensor ones in the basement....

I hate real bras. 

I have zero idea what to order at Starbucks. I'm more of a Dunkin girl anyways (medium iced coffee with cream, sugar and caramel thankyouverymuch)? But I sort of black out at the Starbucks counter and I'll probably just order the first thing I see and then oh goodness a size? Medium???? Gah.

I love raw dough. Cookie. Cake.. You name it. And I let Letty lick the spoon... I know. I know.  

Anyway so happy Friday! The thirteenth! Not that I put stock in such things. Enjoy your weekend!



  1. I don't know how to order at DD.

    Besides, the baristas at SB in Kroger know my order and all I have to do is have them scan my phone. I don't even have to say a word.

  2. I am a DD lady myself "Medium iced coffee, creamer and light sugar pleasE". Also- Real bras are the worst. Sports bra for life.. Dan loves it (not). Hair washing is overrated. And You do not seem like a yeller to me. I would not have guessed that. Also screen time-let me know what you find out because that should probably get under controla round here also.

  3. All of these things make you one of my favorite people in the world! :) xo B

  4. Yikes Friday the 13th! I feel the same way at Starbucks. I always stick with a boring caramel latte. Now that you mention the meal frenzy I can definitely see it! Haha. I recently got more night lights for upstairs...mostly I just needed one for sams room but it came in a three pack so now I'm all set!

  5. I don't want to live in or even know about a world where licking the spoon is a bad thing. Not ever. As for me, I am a Starbucks girl. In fact, I am drinking one now. Iced coffee, black. Haha.

  6. bralets are my jam lately. not a bra really at all. i dig it father. also it's ok to drink and feel fit for straightjacket. that's what kids are supposed to do right? so they say :) i love this list!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. lol loved this! loved learning more about you. i get flustered at starbucks, i only want a hot chocolate but it's too chocolatey and then they look at me like i killed their dog. i have nightmares of myself falling off the cruise ship deck, so i feel you there. i only brush my hair with my fingers as well, i rarely use a real brush. i never used to be like that, but i found i have less tangles and less shedding this way. and i have super thin hair so i need to not shed as much as possible lol


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