so what's new with you?

It's hard to believe a month has gone by already! Okay no, not really. I should just come to terms with the fact that as I get older, time goes faster. Or something. Math was never my forte.

So what's new with you?
We are on Letty's last week of school already! Actually tomorrow is her final day. For the year. I am looking forward to having her back with me as you can imagine. With Kindergarten arriving before I know it I want to take the next four months or so to just be with her. Sun up to sun down. I'll have all sorts of adventures planned for us I'm sure. 

Have you seen these Letterfolk boards? They are all over Instagram and I've been stalking them repeatedly for months now.  I love the idea of the letter board and then oh! The possibilities! The quotes! The menu! I could really go nuts. So... if anyone needs a birthday gift idea for me there it is. My money tree has yet to bear fruit.

Alllllso something I've been eyeing up for months and months now? White sheets. While the idea sort of scares (I'm not the best with eye make up removal) me I've read a few bloggers have success with using vinegar to keep them white? I really think they would brighten up our bedroom. Particularly these ivory ones. Can't go full white of course, we have a duvet to contend with.

David has taken to calling any new male in his life Uncle ______. I try and teach my kids to refer to new people as Mister _____ or Miss _______. So I'll say to David say thank you Mister _______ and he will respond with thank you Uncle _______. Evvvvverybody's an uncle. But it's sort of cute. For now.

Baaack to Instagram and my ridiculous addiction to that app I've got some new fun accounts I recently started following. I just love having gorgeous photos in my feed!  Morgan, Kayla, Bohannah and Eve to name a few. I could really go nuts listing gorgeous feeds I've found through the years but I'll save you that torture and stick to just the newest four.

Outlander has been back in full swing on Starz and I've just been really soaking up the lovely period costumes and the political intrigue and oh of course we cannot forget Jamie and Claire... Oh that Scot. I'm just really happy it's finally back is what I'm saying. So I decided to finally (like years later) treat myself to this tee by Brittany. Love love love it! I'm sure lots of non-fans will be confused but I'll be happy to enlighten you, I promise!

Dominic is still a pleasure and a joy to be around. Cut that sarcasm with a knife? His time bomb is constantly ticking and we just never know when it will go off. But I'm starting to get the sneaky suspicion that he's understanding more of what we are saying. Communicating! Big stuff! Hopefully this will help the pig to calm down a bit you know? Or just let him do whatever it is he desires. That would work too.

I recently read about this new app,, and well, it unrolls you from unwanted email subscriptions. It's amazing! I know a few people who could use this to clean up their inbox. Cough. Stephanie. Cough. So if you're like me and have a zillion unwanted email subscriptions bothering you each day you should look in to this. I've enjoyed it so far!

Anyways so... what's new with you?

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What's New With You