rash from 86

My baby brother will be hitting the thirty mark in June, and his lovely wife hit the same but in April. So naturally a party celebrating both in the middle would make the most sense. And to be clear the rash is not a medical condition, it is R for Rob and Ash for well.. Ash. In case anyone else is confused like I so clearly was.

Moving on.

My parents throw every one of us a nice big thirtieth birthday party, because they are wonderful and we are very lucky. None quite so fun as this night though if I may say so. Delicious food, yummy cake, fun coffee and succulent themed decorations... yes to all of that but then there was so much more. A bounce house... a slushy machine.... cornhole...a photo booth... and a mechanical bull. Yup. There sure was that. It was the bull of ball. My children were obsessed with it and had quite the hard time sharing it with the other party goers. My poor brother-in-law was so very patient with them as they climbed atop the bull again and again and again. And again. We couldn't have lucked out more with the weather either... the rain hit right up until the bull arrived and then the skies cleared up and we were all able to take the party outside, the entire night ending with a rainbow. Who doesn't want a party that ends with a rainbow?

It was a party full of laughs and jokes, some inappropriate, but all hysterical. Lots of time spent outside just chatting with friends. And wine. And slushies. And Dom going from person to person to be held when he wasn't attempting to be a big kid like his brother...

And here comes a whole lot of bull photos.
Happy birthday Rash! And thanks mom and dad for as always throwing a killer party!