pre-k. a year completed.

Will the years continue to speed up as the kids get older? I have a sneaky suspicion that they will. Letty's last day of pre-k was last Friday. Her first day, her thanksgiving program, her Christmas program and her most recent field trip.... All poof! I was just writing this same post last year. If one is a dweller, that fact is quite painful. Painful in a good way. She's growing. Learning. Moving on in small subtle ways. She's ready. We aren't. That appears to be the drill. 

And it was like day nine hundred of rain last Friday so indoor only photos. Schade.
She's grown so much just even the last few months. She recognizes all numbers but 9 (so close!). She knows all but five letters. Which is a magnificent growth from her January conference evaluation. She seems to realize this is something she has to learn and so well she best just do that. She knows her address. We practice her dialing my number and we are about halfway there. She is a master with the scissors. And on her last subtraction (yeah subtraction in pre-k) quiz she got more than half right which is half more than I would have at her age. 
I asked her these very same questions last year and so here we go...

Who is your best friend at school? Makayla. 
What was the best part of school? It was like painting? Because we usually do paint. But not everyday. 
What was your favorite thing you learned this year? Well uhm letters. Because uhm the teacher said we are going to start over with the letters but her just joking we not. 
What will you miss the most? Well I'm gonna miss about you don't give me hand kiss because some you don't give me hand kiss about. (this may may zero sense but every day I kiss the palm of her hand so she can have it with her all day via The Kissing Hand.)
What are you looking forward to most this summer?  Being off of school. And like playing at home and how I'm gonna be at kindergarten. 

Matt drove Letty and the aforementioned best friend Makayla to school on their last day, pardon the ladder...
Annnd while he did that and Dominic napped I went through thiiiiis enormous pile of paperwork she has collected throughout the year...
I'm sure before I know it I'll be sending not just one kid off to school in the fall but two kids. Lord help me.