our mother's day

Our Mother's Day weekend was quite possibly the opposite of last year's... We didn't do much of anything at all in comparison... Dominic was feeling under the weather... lots of sniffles and just a general disagreeable facade and so I felt as though staying home would be best on Saturday. We did get ice cream though Saturday night so... there's that. But I didn't feel right dragging him to Hersheypark like I originally planned. So we did some house stuff after all my morning yard sale-ing was wrapped up... an at-home day if you will. A rare unicorn in my life.

Sunday was a slow start with breakfast in bed that I moved downstairs so I could eat with the kids... and then a run, naturally. We met my entire family (party of 15) at Miller's Smorgasbord once more where I'm pretty sure my brother's ate them out of house and home... and probably Matt and Colton too. Afterwards we headed back to my parent's where the kids played outside, even if it was quite chilly compared to year's past. As you can see it is very difficult being Dominic. Life is just so very hard.
And that was that. Mother's Day weekend. Lots of Matt taking care of things and lots of family time. Just what I like. 

Last year's Mother's Day here. Year before that here. And the year before that here.



  1. ah the babies. i miss them already :) and dominic haha. oh that baby. i swear by my next visit he'll be right as rain again. i just know it. happy belated mothers day to you super mom!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. The photo of Letty on the grass gave me a hs graduation flash forward and I almost shed a tear for you!

    The day looked as it should: celebrating mommas.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day!!

  4. At least the sun was shining that day!!! Over it!

  5. Sounds like it turned out alright in the end. These kids all look like they are growing up way too fast.

  6. Well being one is pretty rough stuff. Being loved on and all that jazz.

  7. your sweet fam!! you look beautiful! and amen to husbands taking care of things and family time. that is my jam. :)


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