no sleep till narvon!

There is a town east of here called Narvon. One I have never heard of nor have I ever been too. But once again there was that pesky article about some great places to go in Lancaster County? Yeah that one. This time to Money Rocks County Park. Apparently back in the day farmer's used to hide money in the rock outcroppings, hence the name. It also boasted nice views of the surrounding farmlands. And it was supposedly a short one mile there and back. Easy peasey.

Matt was still away on training of course but my sister-in-law Holly and her brand spanking new baby boy and her daughter Syd attempted this with us. I guess my brand of crazy might be wearing off on people. Naturally we missed the correct trail head and so instantly started off on the wrong foot. Had we paid better attention and say, looked around, we would have been there and back well before Sydney tired of walking but.... we did not pay attention. We did however see more toads than I can count... lots of beetles... and about a zillion and a half hanging inch worms. This greatly upset my kids. I walked in front with a large stick swinging it around to try and clear the way. Those inchworms leave web-like strings hanging everywhere. Just typing that I start to feel like I have something crawling on me. 

Holly decided to take Syd home once we discovered we were headed in fact in the opposite direction from the Money Rocks. But the kids and I pressed on. And we got there, quite quickly in fact once on the proper route. And we saw those rocks, why yes we did. And we climbed them. And we saw the farmland peeking through the trees, nothing stunning, but I imagine had the leaves not been there perhaps I could have seen more. 

And then we turned around and headed back to the car the long way around.... After David lost his proverbial mind when we came across a pheasant and her babies. Once back at the car I inspected every inch of my children for inchworms. Letty returned the favor... but missed one that was only discovered hours and hours later. And this is why Matt should always accompany us. He is a better inchworm finder than Letty.
Like how Letty took over camera duties then? Sometimes a girl just needs a job to do right? To get through the inchworms in life.