matt's thoughts on rhonyc. v2

Matt does quite a lot with me that a lesser man would refuse... and one such thing is that he watches whatever I want to watch most of the time. Whether that's Pitch Perfect for the hundreth time, or Outlander, or Fixer Upper, or The Real Housewives of NYC, he watches it. And honestly I think he secretly likes Outlander... But during some of the less entertaining shows he is quite expressive with his thoughts. And occasionally I like to take notes, like in my administrative assistant days of old.... This was last Wednesday's episode... And wine was involved.... As always.
Every since I started following her [Bethenny on snapchat] I kind of regret it. She takes up my entire day.

Ugh. God. Ramona. 

I get why she does it but I can never believe they don't show that girl [Bethenny's daughter]. I like her owl backpack. That's lady girl. I only know that because of snapchat. She calls her lady on snapchat. 

I think tapas were only invented because of skinny bitches. 

How old is Carole though? At least 80. But how old is she? And why is she talking like that?

Jon eats everything. 

She looks like a fish in that outfit.

See how much of this stuff she [Jules] eats. 

Dorinda looks like she's gonna go out of her mind.
But she does know what Bethenny does doesn't she? It's her and her kid what does she need a huge house for? She has truckloads of money in the bank....

Did this whole lunch come together so we could hear her talk about Bethenny?

Christ here we go. She's [Sonja] such a joke. 

Just cus she was married to one of the biggest bankers in the world. I dunno....

Oh my god when these two get together. It's like watching.... They are still going on about the one word!

Why is she wearing that!?!! Gross. 

Holy shit Mario and her broke up? 

How the *beep* did we get here?!

How does she [Sonja] go through chapter 11 and have an apartment and extra bedrooms!?

She's a Countess though she's a classy broad. 

Fast forward. No! I don't want to watch it twice!!!!

Gotta put down my phone for this.

I thought they were gonna make fun of that girl with the one leg. 

She's got the whole Canadian tuxedo going on. Jean on Jean. 

What's the over under on her mentioning her eating disorder?

Oh please fast forward. I don't want to watch it twice. 

It's her 86th birthday?

Everybody's supposed to wear red!?

I can't fathom how.... I bet that Morgan banker is going crazy that she uses that last name. I mean. Lord almighty that is terrible.  

That's gonna become a thing later. Ramona is gonna bitch later that she got a re-gift. 

You see that waiter!? He just shook his head at those guys. That man has the same feelings as 75% of the people that watch this show have. 

Was it on the invite to wear red!?

Why is she bringing it up again!!!?

She looks strung out or something. 

Show that sign one more time!!!

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