ipad apps we love

My father kindly and most generously gets my kids iPads. Lucky kids right? We of course outfit them in the thickest, most shock resistant cases and waterproof screen protectors worthy of the military... and lots of apps. A goal of mine for the summer is to come up with some sort of screen time maximum thing happening. Because right now it's sort of like us with our phones... they carry them around and use them whenever they see fit, which I wouldn't hate if they were only on educational apps but alas, they are not. We'll get there. We'll get there. But for the meantime here are our most favorite kid apps.
//1 PBSKids//Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger on the go! What's not to love? They have short clips and entire episodes. //2 kidsvideo//I don't like YouTube for the kids. Even with parental settings the ads were no beuno. They have since created a Kids YouTube which I love but my kids fall too far down the YouTube hole that we can't have it on the iPads. So this app is the perfect in between. The parent can choose which YouTube videos are accessible to your child. No ads. And to add additional videos you need to enter a password. No searching or recommended viewing so no YouTube hole. //3 Easy-Bake Treats//I wish I could explain myself. Or my kids. But for whatever reason they find this game to be addicting. Creating, baking and decorating various foods. Who knew??? //4 ABCmouse//The big kids loooooove this app. I love of course that it's educational but that there is also a great deal of depth to the app. They won't run out of things to do. The app itself has some glitches which is annoying though, and of course there is a subscription fee. //5 Mermaid Salon//She gets to dress up a mermaid. A girl's dream come true right?? //6 Nick Jr.//David is obsessed with Blaze and with Paw Patrol so having it ready to go is key! //7 Sleep Pillow//We use this app the most. All three kids. Every single night. All night long. We use the black fan sound. White noise at its finest! //8 Peek-a-boo Barn//This has been a baby favorite since the beginning of iPad time! //9 Giggle Gang//It's silly and ridiculous and reacts to touch. Yup. //10 Camping Game//BabyFirst has great apps but this is Dominic's favorite. He will sit there forever trying to find the little blue Peek-a-boo.//

Normally we put Dominic on guided access to keep him within a certain app. Babes sure do love to hit the home button!

So what are your tried and true favorite iPad apps? We are always up for new ones!!