how I survived

For the past two weeks Matt has been away on business at a training about five some hours away. Which is nothing to stop the presses about if you're normal people but for me and mine it was a pretty big deal. When your husband and your dad work from home and has the option to be around so so much... when that person leaves well. Anarchy. 

So how does one survive when the very glue that holds your family together has a two week training? Besides wine and copious amounts of coffee....
My sister and my parents. They cooked for us/got take out quite a few times. All so I wasn't destined to have nothing but peanut butter sandwiches for dinner...

Planning. That's my life though yeah? Kid's clothes out for the following day the night before... Coffee prepped for morning, so on and so forth. As anyone with multiple little kids knows, the mornings are like DEFCON Five. I tried to do as much as I could the night before so that wouldn't be the case. And it really helped.

I got up at 5 am. Matt is always here in the mornings and available to help before 8 am. So normally I can run before then. Well when my partner isn't here and Dom is unreliable in his waking hour five am it was. I had to be done by 6 am. Just in case. Which I also learned I sort of like. I have my running and showering and getting ready done before any of the kids wake. Some mornings I even had a few moments of silence with my coffee. It was like magic!

FaceTime. Which thank GOD exists today. I can't imagine how people did this back in the day. Being unable to see your kids for two weeks? No thank you. David would eat his breakfast with Matt. Letty would carry him around and show him things... Dom would wave at it. Lifesaver.

Lots of deep breathing. 

In all honesty it wasn't that horrible. He came home last Friday night to Sunday afternoon to break it up and hug the kids a whole lot.... Letty isn't in school so we had nowhere to be and nothing we had to do really. Nothing with any strict time table anyways. That said though we kept ourselves quite busy through it all. But I am so glad that's over.



  1. It's never fun when dad is called away more than usual. Even a little more can be terrifying. Chris worked two jobs right before Aria turned one, and he only saw her one day a week. It was exhausting, but we made it work. But thinking of having to do that again makes me want to die a little bit. I love that he can come home for lunch and is home from work around 330.

  2. that's so awesome that you were able to facetime, or the kids could. i can't imagine how hard it used to be! peanut butter sandwiches sound amazing lol. and i don't have kids but i love getting my workout done first thing as well, it really sets the day up right!

  3. No kiddos in my house and it's hard for my partner to be away. He is really my other half in all things for human existence. I forget how to pour my own OJ without him! LOL! Glad you all survived and I'm sure the kiddos are ready for some extra daddy snuggles! xo B

  4. you did it! you did it!! you strong woman, you! and amen amen to facetime. this era may bring a lot of crap with it but facetime is the best.

  5. It's so hard to be without your partner in crime! Looks like you did it and did it well Mama!


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