how i lost forty pounds in five months

I do get asked this quite frequently in real life and this whole digital life... How did I lose all that weight? Well, I worked really hard. I wrote all about my fitness routine here, but that my friends wasn't even half the battle. The biggest battle was surprise surprise, watching what I ate. 
\\Easter 2015 vs. Easter 2016\\

I've always worked out. And I've always generally watched what I ate. I say generally because I wasn't an awful eater  but I wasn't a good eater either. I really love to eat. Lots of the foods. All of the foods. Once I knew I was done having kids though I really decided to lay down the gauntlet. I was losing this baby weight and I was keeping it off. For good. 

And that's when I heard about the No "S" Diet. No snacks, sweets or seconds except sometimes on days that start with "S". Clever right? This is something I can get behind! Moderation but also with cheat times accepted! I knew I didn't want a "diet" because I wouldn't stick to it. I wanted a lifestyle change. Something I could keep up with forever and ever. 

It took me awhile to get to a place where I wasn't starving in between meals. At first I had these massive lunches, tacking what would have been my snacks on to the actual meal. But over time I started to take away a little bit at each meal, until I was just eating my lunch. No snacky foods included. And then over time I made my portions a bit smaller. Because eating a mountain of pasta is ridiculous and everyone knows it to be true. 

My sister also alerted me to something called intermittent fasting. Which sounds terrible but actually is not so bad. Apparently it's a thing. I found the article to be extremely interesting. Basically this is tricking your body into burning off the fat because well, it sort of thinks your body is starving. In a very small nutshell. This article suggests a women's schedule have 14 hours of fasting and 10 hours during which you eat. I already wasn't eating snacks after dinner so that means my last food intake is around 6:30... Carry the wine (because fasting means next to no calories other than say a black cup of coffee) and that's 10 pm. Approximately. So 14 hours later puts me right on the dot for my noon ish lunch time. Annnnnd this is when I stopped eating breakfast.

Did I cheat at all during my weight loss time? Rarely. I always felt so bad after it because I wanted to make progress and fast. Once I hit my goal weight in the fall I allowed myself more cheats but again, is it worth it? Meh. Do I miss dessert? Nah, not really. But if my sister makes her apple crispy deliciousness for dessert you better believe I'm having some. Or if I have Chinese am I stopping at one helping? Nope. I black out and go straight to seconds. But I don't let it become a thing. The key is sometimes. My life now is two meals a day, one helping a meal. Even if that meal happens to be the occasional Big Mac.

And I'm not hungry. I don't miss anything. And it's all good in the hood. 



  1. Oh man, the hubs being a health teacher- he would hate reading this! No breakfast?! No food after 6:30pm?! I know it doesn't all work the same for everyone. And like you said/ it's not about a diet- it's a lifestyle change! You look fabulous!!! What a difference in those pics! You must feel like a million bucks!

  2. i agree with all of this clearly. the fasting thing is legit. and i've read a lot about it and you know i support it :) you look amazing and i know you FEEL amazing which is pretty much the best thing ever.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. I properly learned how to eat last summer when I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabeteeus. Everything had changed since HS health class.
    While I have the proper tools to become healthier, I still don't follow them. I will. Starting tomorrow. Because I did just inhale a Chick-fil-A Spicy Chicken Biscuit.
    And - You have a beautiful glow in the 2016 pic. #goals!

  4. You are so disciplined! Good for you! I would like to start working out again...maybe when Sam sleeps longer at night bc I don't have the energy to right now! Ha. I know...excuses excuses ;) you look great, mama!

  5. gosh you are looking amazing, lady!! wow!! do you notice any difference between weight loss while nursing/after nursing at all? and i have not heard of the S rule, but that's brilliant. and amennnn to a *lifestyle* not a diet! something that feels do-able is the key, i so so believe!!

  6. You look amazing! Good for you! I find intermittent fasting so interesting! Do you have coffee in the morning? Haha, that's really important to me. I totally agree that lifestyle is the key, not diet!

  7. You are amazing! And the most important part is how you feel! You look great and seem to feel even better! So happy for you! I love the S diet thing and as soon as I can figure out all my craziness that might be the first new addition. I would love to fast but I'm not sure I'm completely ready for all of that! :) Way to go girl! Beautiful in both pics but if you are happier that's what matters right?

  8. Thank you for sharing! I love this S rule idea!!

  9. You look amazing! I feel so happy for you. I really should get my crap together and commit to something. That whole S lifestyle seems amazing.


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