hersheypark, mainly from above.

Hersheypark is officially open for the summer! Until Memorial Day we can hit up this park any old Friday, Saturday or Sunday we want (and then every single day after)! And hit it up we will! I'm going to try to get as many visits in as I can before the massive amounts of tourists reign down on the area come June... In theory. 
We planned originally to go on Friday but rain kept us home. So those that could went on Saturday instead. It wasn't warm really, but not cold, and no rain which was key. The crowds weren't awful either and! We learned that we can already get in before opening. One perk of having a season pass is that you can get in to the first area of the park an hour before regular admission people. This area happens to have more kiddie rides than I can count so yeah, definitely hitting that up as often as I can! I don't care that I'll have to leave the house at 8. Nope. 
So we rode some rides. As one does. My mother promised Letteria she would take her on the ferris wheel and let me tell you even typing that out my stomach turned into a knot. I like regular ferris wheels... you know the ones that you sit two side-by-side and your feet dangle? With a bar across your lap so you do not plummet to your ultimate death? Hersheypark has no such ferris wheel. No. Theirs is octagon-shaped. With no belts or bars. And with doors that swing open when pushed. And it's high. Super high. Like vertigo inducing high. My palms are sweating. So mom assured me that she would never let anything happen to my Letty and on the ride they were going. Until David wanted to join. And no way was I putting poor Nonna in charge of saving two lives and every other adult refused so... Don't let the smiling photo fool you. Most of the time I had an arm wrapped tightly around David and the other around the center pole all while staring at the floor begging Letty to sit on her hiney, yes both cheeks. That ride needs belts. And Jesus.
Another ride from above was The Kissing Tower. This is a ride I can get behind. While it goes higher than the ferris wheel it is more importantly enclosed. So ride that all you want my sweets that does not bother mama a bit. 
We also learned this trip that Dominic is just quite adorable when he's allowed to walk on his own. The smile never left his face and his giggle was continuous. If only he wasn't a flight risk! So another successful day in the Hersheypark book.  And having seen the water park area from above all I can say is... my loins are girded.



  1. hehe loins. also what a fun day! love the kissing tower. and ew for ferris wheel. i won't mention the one in orlando that's the highest in the country. enclosed though. and they server you alcohol. and all of that makes it worth it. love the ladybug ride! oh hersheypark i miss you

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. you are so beautiful dear, very nice pics...funny place

  3. Now this really makes me want to go! Shall we attempt to put one in the books? I suppose with the unpredictability of the weather it may be difficult but we can try! Great pictures by the way! So fun.

  4. I cannot wait to take the kids here! Chris basically spent his childhood at this park, and thinks our kids need the same experience. Looks like it's a good one!!

  5. awww i love that last shot!! and um that ferris wheel would make me sooo nervous!!


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