firehouse visit

For those of you unawares, my baby (ha!) brother is a firefighter. Slash paramedic. Slash really bad ass. He works down in Maryland and so we don't visit him at his place of employment often. As in, next to never. Two years ago we attempted a visit with our neighbors and well.... David reacted quite poorly.

And so we took a year off. The PTSD kept me away. I don't think Rob wanted to subject his team to another show like the one David put on before... But now. He's almost four. He's better (maybe?). Rob is at a new station and my niece Mikayla and my sister-in-law (some of these photos are hers) haven't been to this house either. So. We went. This new station is about two and a half hours from here... Quite the trek. Nothing some snacks and iPads can't handle right? Right Rob? That's how you get by?
We arrived shortly after lunch time and we were kindly allowed to eat our packed lunches right at the firehouse table. Us and a few firefighters. After which we went out to the garage bays and did the whole touch the trucks. Sit in the trucks. Splash in the puddles. Sit in the trucks. See the flashing lights. That whole bit. Which is the best part for a little kid! And for me too, not going to lie.
After that my brother gave us the tour of the rest of the place. The dorm area. The gym. The room for those that snore loudly. The kitchen. It was great to see where my brother spends so much time... There's just something fascinating about a firehouse right? Not a place many people get to investigate. I know I sure didn't see the inside of one until our first visit two years ago.

We spent almost two hours hanging out and chatting it up with some firemen. I'm glad we had such a nice visit this time around! All concluding with Rob being sent out on a call and all six of us standing on the firehouse stoop waving goodbye to the firetruck as they went out and saved the day.

Thank you so much Rob and station 23 for allowing me and mine to spend a few precious hours with you all! I'm so glad my kids get to experience something as amazing as this! And of course thank you for all you guys do! Seriously. Thank you.



  1. what a fun day! and a happy david? yay for that! i mean his face with his hands covering his mouth says it all. all the fun. i'm just shocked you got them all in one photo haha. yay rob!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Yay! A success! I remember your post about the last trip. Much better this time around. Fun, and that you got to wave good bye to the firetruck.

  3. Definitely fascinating! I think it would be so interesting to tour a fire house. Perks of having a bad ass brother! ;) great pics of the kids...looked like they had a lot of fun.

  4. So fun!! My uncle was a firefighter in Vegas growing up, so we would try and take advantage of him being at the fire house. We would also find great pleasure on the days that he was conducting the fire drills at school, so we could pull the alarm! Small perks...but super cool as a kid!

  5. So I cheated and read the previous attempt post before reading this one and I have to say it makes this post all the more adorable and awesome. I just love it. And so glad that David got to be all smiles this time! And it looks like Dom even had a blast. Those kiddos tho! And yes thank you firefighters, for all that you do. Here there and everywhere you bring joy to children and safety to us all. Greatly appreciated always!

  6. ooooh my gosh, i did not realize he was so far away!!! ok i would have the PTSD, too, after a negative response with babies. driving makes it such a commitment! but YAY for everyone doing well!! and i admire soooo much that your brother is anyway cool fireman. i still get excited when i see a firetruck and i so want to take my kids one day to visit the fire station. and his jacket with his name is super awesome. :)

  7. What a great wasn't spend an afternoon! Glad it was so successful this time around. :-)


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