a friday in hersheypark & thoughts on adolescence

Last week I met my sister and brother-in-law (for a short time) as well as my sister-in-law and her friend up at Hersheypark. It was a nice day in a string of not-so-nice days so we had to take advantage of what we thought would be a not-so-busy day. Being that it was work day prior to Memorial Day. We couldn't have been more incorrect in that sentiment. 

We learned from a security guard that there were 221 school buses full of kids there that day. Now I'm not a math wiz, but I did a quick google and figured since they were middle school/high school aged kids each bus would have approximately 48 kids (how accurate is my googling Steph?) and well carry the two that's something like 10,608 pre-teens and teens wandering around Hersheypark. Right. You can imagine my dismay. All of those hormones! All the short shorts with pockets hanging out the front! All the midriff revealing shirts! All the teenage angst! Seeing all the adolescents in bulk made me seriously terrified for my future. Why why why does adolescence need to be a thing? Can't we just skip that whole part of it? Or can I maybe just have really kind, responsible, rule followers for my teens? Ones that will not be afraid to stand out if means doing the right thing. And please for the love of God do not be boy crazy Letteria. I could ramble on and on for my fears of my future but I'll spare you all. 

Thankfully on this day my children are all still quite small and enjoy being with their mamas and are content in going on rides like the Granny Bugs and are absolutely clueless as to the ridiculousness of the teens running around them half dressed (I don't even care that I sound old. I'm a different generation, I get it. Bermuda shorts will make a come back, right?)... We hit up some of the kid's favorite rides, tried to avoid a few tantrums along the way, and got to witness the massive Tidal Force wave a few times.

As always thanks for the photos Ash!