yuengling brewery tour. with kids!

Our next stop in the Kerri tour took us northward a bit to a sleepy town nestled into the side of a mountain. A town where not much goes on and most establishments are cash only, it appears. Over hills and down mountains and through windy back country roads to Pottsville. What this little town surprisingly has is America's oldest brewery, Yuengling.  They offer free tours six days week for young and old alike. So long as you can navigate 120 steps along the way and possibly slippery ground. Which we were bold enough to attempt with our three.

The line wasn't running as we went on a Saturday, which would have been cool to see, noise not withstanding. We started the tour in an underground cave, which is always a chill fifty some odd degrees. Water drips down from the ceilings due to an underground spring and its quite dark. The tour guide briefly mentioned something about haunting that I quickly tried to negate to Letty. I tried wearing Dom in the wrap but he just wanted his daddy to hold him, which my back didn't mind one bit. I think one of the coolest parts of the tour, minus the tasting of course, was the wall that the government built in the cave during prohibition. I just love that they left it partially there as a reminder. The whole tour lasts a little over an hour and ends with two samples. I went with the Lager and with the Summer Wheat. The latter of which I hated and instantly regretted. Lager for the win, I guess. For those who are under 21 or don't care for beer, they have samples of their Birch Beer available. Which Letty did not enjoy. An acquired taste, I guess. We checked out their extensive gift shop before wandering a few blocks over to Roma's Pizza. Which incidentally, was cash only. So. Make sure you have cash for purchases and coins for their parking meters if you should head up to Pottsville. Oh and snacks. Never ever go on any road trip without all the snacks. What is this? Our first rodeo? Also of note is the footwear required for this tour, which is closed footwear. And yes, they do check.

Some of these photos are Kerri's, of course.