waltz vineyard with a floridian

We had ourselves a nice little visit this past weekend. Kerri, my Floridian friend from back in college days (almost fifteen years ago, wow!) came up to spend time with us, as she is kind enough to do a few times a year. I always try and find new and interesting things to do with her while she visits, just to make it more worth her while. My words, not hers. So in between a million hug requests from David and glasses of wine and alllll the food in all the land we snuck out last Friday and hit up a local vineyard, Waltz, to be exact... All while Matt so kindly took one for the team and watched the kids.

All photos are Kerri's

The tasting room offers up two flights, and we chose the dryer option, being the dry souls that we are. There is a cost associated (thank you Kerri!) and you can also purchase a cheese/cracker/chocolate plate. Which I would recommend because that local cheese was pretty yummy. And it was definitely interesting to taste the wine pre cheese and then after cheese. I got cheddar. She got gouda. After our tasting we decided that hey, while we are here let's enjoy a little more wine sans children and had ourselves another glass. We brought home a bottle of that very same Sauvignon Blanc to share with Matt since he sadly missed out on this little excursion.

If you're ever in the area definitely pop in! I was pleasantly surprised that we were not the only patrons on that fine Friday afternoon. On the map, these local vineyards!