the white cliffs of conoy

There is a relatively new trail running along the Susquehanna River from Columbia to Harrisburg, about as far west as you can get in this county. The Northwest Lancaster County River Trail, a gorgeous, flat, paved trail, great for strollers or bicycles. Lots of trees offer up shade, etc. I've gone running here many moon ago when I was training for the half marathon with my sister but haven't made it back since the construction has continued. I've heard about these "white cliffs" on Facebook from other locals and thought that well now, that sounds interesting and would be a great place to take Kerri on her final day with us. Best yet, the kids can accompany us. 

These limestone cliffs are some 60 feet high, right overlooking the river. They used to be on private property but with this new trail they are now very recently open to the public. There isn't much in the way of a fence to protect from a short drop and a sudden stop so I was a bit nervous about the kids. Those orange plastic fences are not only ugly on the eye but they won't do much to stop a toddler in full sprint. The walk there was fantastic other than the constant "are we there yet" chorus coming from the peanut gallery. I don't know what I was thinking, but it was a really long walk. Based off of our various iPhone apps that count such things, we figure it was about two miles out, two miles back. Which is a lot for little legs to handle, flat or not. I should have brought the double stroller. And their waters. We parked at Koser Park, which is off of 441 in Bainbridge for you locals. And from there head down river and the cliffs will be on your right.

We investigated a little, took a few photos, and then quickly turned heel to start the trek back to the van, because we were on a bit of a time constraint. Kerri and I had to hit the road at three to be sure to get her to BWI in time for her flight of course. As always, these weekends go by in the blink of an eye. I hope you recovered quite quickly from the level of noise. And thanks again for being so good to us up here. And for traversing miles with my three. You deserve a cuddle or a medal at least. 

Some of these photos are Kerri's, so thanks to her!