one lovely afternoon at the park

One recent afternoon, after having their photos taken, the kids put on their "play clothes" (saying that always makes me think of Sound of Music and Fraulein Maria, which incidentally I think my niece Mikayla is a dead ringer for Julie Andrews... so, discuss) and we drove down the street from my sister-in-law's to Daniel's Den, a rather cool park. 

These photos by Ashley of course make the outing look like all fun and games... All joy and smiling faces. While they give me a bit of PTSD. I had to let go of a lot of my crazy, and I hated it. I couldn't see the bigger kids at all times (which is totally fine if you're that type of parent but I like my eyes on my kids at all times when near any sort of playground. Because.). They wouldn't stay together. They were going down the slide face first apparently, as their aunt caught on camera. They were being pushed on tire swings by people I did not know and other children I did not know.... all while I followed Dom around making sure he didn't unknowingly run right off the top of some structure and break his neck. Or fall down stairs. 

We ended up having to leave as David started in with his second public meltdown. I carried him and Dom for as long as I could... until I just dragged him. Three is hard. Four? Please bring with you my sweet sweet boy that has been gone for the past nine months. I really miss him.

But look at these great photos!
And yes... my mother just put him on the swing like that because well, he wanted to.



  1. omg these photos. ashley does it again! they are perfect. the black and whites are maybe my fav

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. What a great park! And I am the same way, I have to see all of my kids at all times, which usually means Odette is screaming the whole time to get out of the stroller. Ha! Oh, and I wouldn't hold out for four. Pierce at four trumps all my kids "terrible twos" put together. But then's Pierce.

  3. Aw great pictures!! Now if it would warm up again!!

  4. so sweet and joyful, these captures!!!! i'm with you, though, the scary, enclosed, kid-trap, mazey playgrounds are ones that i am just terrified of!


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