my fitness routine

So yes, I lost a lot of weight. And yes, I cut back on a lot of what I eat. But I also work out. Like a lot. Which some may see as insane, or as too much. But it works for me.
Each day I do a total of an hour and a half cardio, split on the treadmill and the elliptical. If it's warm out I also go for about a half hour walk each day but obviously not during the winter months. In the morning bright and early I run for 45 minutes and after the kids go back to bed at night I am on the elliptical for another 45. I know that sounds intense and stupid and overwhelming... but for the most part when I'm doing these workouts the kids are all asleep (at night) or almost all asleep (in the morning, sideye Dom.). When I was losing weight last summer I just wasn't seeing the pounds fall off as fast as I would like (I'm inpatient, shocker right?), and so I decided to up the ante. I didn't do the two-a-days every day right away, I slowly eased my way in to it. Doing it twice a week, then three times, then every day. Having Matt work out with me at night has also been great. It's gotten him moving too and we watch shows together or I read or whatever... but we are together. It's actually a great stress-reliever at the end of a long day with kids and people climbing all over you all day and the noise! It's just nice to sweat for a bit and burn off some steam at the end of a day. Which is why when I got to my goal weight I didn't stop the two-a-days. Because I enjoy them.

My treadmill routine varies a little... But basically I just run. Some days I run slow, at a 5 mph pace (so slow!) and then the next day I will try to push myself, right now the fastest I can keep it up for 45 minutes is 6 mph. I hope to slowly get faster on the days I push myself. 

My elliptical routine is basically just I put the resistance as high as it can go and just go for 45 minutes. No variations there. This one isn't about fitness so much as just cardio for me.

Other than that (yes there is more), I alternate days working on my arms and legs and my abs. On my arm and leg day I do a whole bunch of arm raises, bicep curls, tricep extensions, etc. with two five pound weights. I also do leg raises and squats... four sets of twelve each. On ab day I do two one-minute planks and a bunch of crunches. 

I have been doing this daily routine since August. I've never missed a run, other than those two days on vacation, but I do sometimes miss the elliptical depending on the day, but that doesn't happen much honestly. It's become habit to me and I love it. I guess I kind of like to work out now... who would have thought it?

What about you? What is your fitness routine?