movie plot according to letty

The other day we were watching Beauty and the Beast with my niece and my sister and Letty was explaining the movie to us and I thought wow. Her mind is sort of fascinating you know? The way that she words things and strings ideas together... Plus she's got an insane memory. Say what you will about her academic prowess (improving! in leaps and bounds!) but her memory? She will never forget. Ever. What color lollipop did Nonna buy her in Cape Cod two years ago? She knows it. And tells you every time she sees a Dunkin Donuts, which is the location where Nonna purchased said lollipop. Yet character names she seems to block out? And she says "I don't know" a lot even though she does know... I'm working on building up her confidence. All the time.
Anyways so I asked Letty to tell me the tale of Beauty and the Beast... and this is exactly what she said...

"Belle is in the village and the Beast lives in the castle. Her tries to get a book. Like a prince in disguise and I can't remember it. Her go outside the door and her jump on the jump rope and the water came down and then she clogged the water. And then her went back to her father's house. He was working on something and then he fixed it and then all the wood come out! And then they ducked because wood was shooting everywhere. It was. And then the wood hit everything and it breaks the walls I think. I never saw it. Her father leaves her and her run out the door I think. Did her? I know what happened. So Belle's father went into the forest and the wolves got the horse and the horse ran away to Belle. He went to the Beast's castle and then he went inside without asking. I can't remember what the clock names was or the lamp names was. They are people. [I told her their names.] Lumiere and Cogsworth saw Belle's I can't remember... Maurice! Went into the castle and then the light saw him and then the light say sit in the seat but he's not allowed to because the Beast is going to come get him and put him in a walking carriage. Then Belle come and get him out the cage and then the Beast got Belle and then Belle cried because her didn't say goodbye. Belle and the Beast have he said don't go into the west wing. And Belle did and her got in trouble and then her went to her room and he said you want to have lunch but he yelled at his door. And then her hungry so her did have lunch. They got clothes on and then they dancing and then I'm thinking... And then it was snowing! Was it? It was snowing out but they had bird seed out so the birds can come out in the snow. Oh and then the Beast fall into the people. Who is that red boy? [I tell her] Gaston was fighting the Beast and he was laying on the floor and then he turned into the people. And then he was wearing clothes and THEN they dancing."
The end.

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