middle child syndrome is real.

I firmly believe it is. The eldest is the trailblazer. Doing new things, carving the way and demanding attention in all these new endeavors. And the youngest is surrounded by the finality of it all. The smallness. The lastness. And so the middle one, while adorable in his own right, doesn't have the screen time that the other receive. And well, that's just not fair. Now is it?
He always wants to do the things his sister is doing. Mainly in regards to school. And it feels a bit unfair because I have a feeling him and school are gonna hit off like a hay bale on fire. But for now he is constantly answered with, oh when you are in school D. Next year D. When you're older buddy. Soon. Soon. 

We call him Howard. As in Mr. Howard Hughes, The Aviator. A man full of idiosyncrasies. A smart, smart man. But one of habit and odd little ticks. David is a man of habit. A smart man of habit, full of odd little tendencies that make him worthy of the name Howard. He's a bit of a whackamole, my David. But God love him so. He's always trying to negotiate his way out of a meal. He's always looking forward to what comes next, whether it's going outside after eating, to what he wants on tv after the current show ends, to rides at Hersheypark... he wants it all planned out and decided upon instead of focusing on the now.
And he says the most wonderfully funny things... Such as:

Girls have boobies. Boys have pecs. 

I need a hug!

You're a snicklefritz.

Why is Aunt Ashley sad?
(Because Lena doesn't want to play ball with her.)
Oh. Aunt Ashley? When I finish my ice pream we play ball is that a great idea?

Last night, I was in your belly. But I don't wanna be in your belly anymore. 

Hey dad. Nonna. Letty. Mom. 
(Yes David?)
I want a hug. 

Last night, I kicked my shoe off da bridge into da water. Mommy was so sad. I'm never going to do that again, okay? That a great idea?

How about a bull hug?

How about a quiet hug?

How about a tickle hug?

Hey! You look pretty! I like your shirt! I like your pants! I like your hair!

You're my mommy. You're my best mommy. 

Red beat ecks. 

Do I have to eat all my chicken?
How about I just eat one?
How about just two?
(How about you eat all of them, or no ice cream.)
Okay I'll eat all of them and then when I'm done I can have ice pream. Is that a great idea?

You're my best buddy.

Hey. Mommy. When we are done watching Blaze can we watch Paw Patrol?
(Blaze just started. How about you enjoy the moment?)
But when Blaze is ober can we watch Paw Patrol? 
(What did I just say?)
I don't know.

I love porn. Porn in my favorite. 
(Corn. Corn is your favorite.)