letteria love notes

Before I had this blog I used to write to Letty in this Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake journal that my boss got me when she visited me in the hospital when I had Letty. So Linda? You started this whole write down your every thought thing. 
Anyways I would write little notes to Letty about what she was up to... When she would crawl or when she said a word. Some things trivial and others not so much. Not long notes by any means. Writing by hand is hard! Which is extremely sad to admit! But lately I was thinking about how I wished I had started the blog before Letty so I had those memories available to relive... And that's when I remembered the book. A book I've only touched once since the start of andiamo. 

And so clearly, I read it through. And I smiled some. And I got teary eyed some. I remembered some things I had forgotten. And so I'll share some of those things today.
You smile whenever your daddy comes into the room. He hopes you'll always do that. 

When you are in the sun you have copper highlights just like me. Everyone who sees you loves you. We are always told how beautiful you are. Which we know. Daddy loves when you climb around in bed with us in the mornings. He is sad when you sleep later than him. You're favorite people are still Nonna and Aunt Beth. You see them the most. You climb all over Nonna like she will protect you from everyone else. Which she would. You hate elevators. And men with beards scare you. 

You still have one silver hair near the front of your head. You're a walker! You look a bit like Frankenstein but you are learning quickly. 

I didn't want to put you to sleep tonight because tomorrow you'll wake up a whole day older. You'll be one. This has been the best year of my life. You are such a blessing and I have loved every second with you. Well happy first birthday my love. You are a wonderful gift gift to us both. I know I'll never get another present as good as on my 27th birthday. 

We have a very exciting fall planned. It's my favorite season so I hope you enjoy it as much. In the past three weeks you have experienced your first earthquake, hurricane and then a flood. Crazy weather! You were safe and that's all that matters. Hard to believe that in the very few pages to my left I've written 13 months of your life. I know I missed so much and forgot almost as much... It happens to me a lot. I really enjoy hanging out with you all day. You are a very sociable, happy, cute baby girl and everyone who meets you says the same. I wish I could freeze you at this very moment. Before I know it this wonderful little girl will be all grown up and I'll be nostalgic. This book will probably be more for me. 

You climbed out of your crib last month. Scared me so much to check on you and have you not be in your crib. But you were sitting so nicely just reading. 

I try to take naps when you do. I am very tired. That's probably because I'm 8 weeks pregnant with your baby brother or sister. I can't wait for you to be a big sister, I'm sure it will be a major adjustment for you. You are so used to being the center of everyone's attention. I know that my alone time with you is coming to an end and that makes me sad. I love every second with you. 

Sometimes you'll run in a circle around the coffee table. Almost like a gallop. You come over to my belly and lift up my shirt when I ask you where mommy's baby is. But you will always be my baby.  

You love to play what I call "Sleeping Beauty". Either dad or I play sleeping and you kiss us to wake us up. Then you pretend to sleep and we kiss you awake. You love it. You even played with Nonna. You play talk on the phone and just say "yup, yup" over and over again. Dad says you are imitiating me with Nonna. 

You started climbing out of your crib when he was five days old. We moved you to a toddler bed. Now it's hard to keep you in there. You have to have the following: Belle, beast and the horse from your castle. Rapunzel, Belle and Tinkerbell stuffed dolls. A plastic Minnie, a small Minnie, a stuffed Minnie head, Winnie the Pooh, Elmo. You need your "cheese" or princess camera. You need your Tinkerbell suitcase by your bed with a white kitty on top. Talk about OCD. 

You love your brother. Everyday you yell "he up!" You call him B. You give him kisses and hold his hand and always say that he pooped. You are a great big sister. You help in every way you can and you are very gentle. At night you tell us to "lay" with you. Then you want to do pals. I'm sure you'll still do that for awhile. You've started calling me mom. I'm no longer mommy. 

Nonna was diagnosed with ovarian cancer before Christmas. You have been very good with her. Gentle with her "belly boo boo". You loved seeing her get shots. Maybe you will be a doctor? Today you are planning on buying a "croc" with your nuks. You want to call him Tick Tock. This is all your idea.

And then I started the blog and it all stopped...