kitchen remodel phase three

Third and final phase. Oh thank the heavens the final phase. 
This phase was the worst phase. The biggest financial hit, sure. But so so much more than that. We grossly underestimated the amount of time it would take. We stupidly thought that after the old floors were removed the dust would be no more. We cleaned after demo day only to have another layer of dust reappear after day two. I left the house each day with the kids around 8:30 or so only to return in time for them to go right to bed at night. After which I would fold laundry or clean and then pack up their lunches for the next day. During which time I would glare at the piles of dust accumulating over every. Single. Surface. Rinse. Repeat. For four days.
Home projects are not for the overly neurotic soul such as myself. And this one just came with so so many steps. The to do lists kept getting longer and longer. Touch up here. Dust there. Caulk over there. Vacuum. Kick plates. Touch them up. Quarter round. Wipe down doors. Wash floors. You get the idea. And that was just after the final plank was laid in. Not to mention installing our new powder room fixture which uhmmmmm.... Can you say plumber?
This project wasn't also just the kitchen floors, no. It included: Matt's office, the foyer, the coat closet, the powder room, the kitchen, the pantry, the eat-in kitchen and the laundry room. Because why not right!?
All this to say that Matt is a saint. Ideas executed, designed, ordered, completed. And this one in only four short (long) days.  

Also a special thank you to those that were so so kind to offer up assistance! Rob, Colton, my dad, our newly found neighbor up the street.... Having someone there to keep Matt sane and break their backs along side him just means so much to us. 

Before and afters, of course!!!!
Kitchen remodel phase two and one. Before and afters? Kitchen, laundry room, powder room, foyer and Matt's office, naturally!