It's open! Only for the first two weekends in April but! It's open! We made our first official visit as season pass holders! 

Well. Not Matt. Because Matt was knees deep in a kitchen floor renovation. So he stayed home. The kids and I left the house bright and early at 9 am in order to give us plenty of time to get there for the 10 am opening. We were... surprise surprise, early!!!! Dom fell asleep in the car so while waiting I checked the outside food policy (day late and a dollar short) only to find that they do not allow it. So hey kids! It's 9:30 am and it's lunch time! Dom woke up and well, three of us ate while David refused. The rain started to dwindle to nothing but a random drop and so I deemed it time to make our way to the entrance. 
So so different from DW. I was a ball of nerves walking in there. The crowds! The shear mass of people! The distance from car to entrance. I walked for like... Ten minutes. Right!? At DW it was only a matter of walking ten parking spaces. Anyways.  I digress. There were a TON of rides for the kids. Tons! We didn't leave the initial area until about an hour and a half later. The first tantrum of the summer goes to Dominic. And the second. And third. And fourth. David came in for the win with fifth place but only when told we had to leave. Five hours later. 

Dominic wanted to go on all the rides. And he wanted the rides to start immediately. And he wanted them to end never. And if it did stop he would let them know instantly how much he was upset by this turn of events. So I ended up forbidding him to go on any rides. He needs to learn a thing or two about patience! Don't we all kid, don't we all. 

After a few hours our Fitzs and friends of theirs arrived and then I could breathe easy. Extra eyes. Extra hands. The help! The moral support!! There were so many rides the bigger kids wanted to go on but Dom couldn't and well David needs a "responsible rider" and so Fitzs to the rescue! Again and again, as always!

After countless rides and some fries later I decided I was going to fall over from mental exhaustion and headed on home. Oh wait. No not home. I went to my sister's where Letty and I hung out in her garage because the boys were asleep until it was time to head over to my brother's to celebrate his wife's 30th birthday. So yeah. Saturday was a busy day. I had wine. It was alllll good by like.... 9:30 pm. After I had cleaned and folded laundry and packed for the next day of course. 

But Hershey! It's open! Till next weekend!!! Photos!