hersheypark day two

Yesterday marked the very end of Springtime in Hershey. Until the end of the month, when it technically is open again? Summer season? In April? We are still learning. So much to learn! Where exactly is the season pass parking lot? Like, it's boundaries? How can one sneak food into the park? Why is it such a big deal that I'm bringing my children's water cups in? What do you think I have in there? Vodka? Can I bring vodka in my child's cups? Is there stroller parking? You have a family drying station? A booth where you pay five dollars to dry off!? What is this sorcery! We will get there. 

So this time was different in that Matt was with me. I am Jack's enormous sigh of relief. My sister and her husband and Lena girl also made the journey with us. Which was nice too of course having other adults who are young at heart and don't mind rides that go spiny. The day was warmer. The kids better behaved, Dominic only marginally so. The crowds thinner and the lines shorter. We made our way to the far reaches of the park and explored so much more. We also discovered where we can buy beer which was one in the "pro" column for switching to Hershey. The Overlook, with a decent selection at $7 a bottle for your information. I'm very pleasantly surprised with the assortment of little kid rides scattered all throughout the park, nestled in with other bigger kid options. Letty got to go on her first big girl coaster, The Comet. As well as The Sooper Dooper Looper with her Sooper Dooper Dad and Uncle Colton. Who also took her and David on the Trailblazer. Which was part of the reason we switched you know? The bigger kids want their bigger thrills.

It was a nice day. And wow. Theme parks wear me out! Just like when I was a kid!