happy third birthday andiamo!

Well hello everyone! Did you know that over the weekend this little online space had itself a little third birthday? No? Well it did! And yes I bought teeny cupcakes and put candles in them because I am utterly ridiculous. But this is my space, you know? And I kind of like it. You can read my first post here, and not much has changed really. Why I do this...Why I come here. And a bonus that I never expected was all the lovely lady bloggers I've gotten to know. That's fun! And weird. But fun! 

Mainly I do it for the kids. Okay and for me to remember all about the kids. I wish I had started this when Letty was naught but a hope and dream, just so I could relive all those moments again and again. Moments forever lost in the sieve that is my mind these days... But three years! 
According to the people (hi!) that read this blog these are their favorite posts....

But according to me and mine, these are my favorite posts...I'm all about that nostalgia I guess.

And of course all my vacation recaps because I love our vacations and I love my family. All of the vacations.

So yes anyways. Happy birthday andiamo! You are quite the thing, I think. 

Second birthday here! First here!



  1. Happy Blog Birthday! Three years of memories preserved. Heck yes.

  2. happy third birthday! i was JUST thinking last week, crap - it's been almost 3 years. time flies! i'm just a couple weeks behind you :) actually the monday after i visit you. we shall celebrate in PA or something ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Three years! Congrats!! I would totally have bought cupcakes too ha! I love your blog! You have a way with writing and I adore your wit and sarcasm :) I will have to check your fave posts out, I remember really loving to read the story of a desk. I'm a sucker for nostalgia always and forever. Happy birthday Andiamo! Buon compleanno!

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  5. awww happy three!!! time flies, doesn't it!!!

    1. also let it be known that i am SOOO happy that you started this blog those three years ago. :) what a fun, fun, wonderful thing, the blog, yes?! xoxoxo

  6. AHH!!! Happy Blog Birthday!!! So happy I found you and your blog!

  7. Wow three years? Congrats! I'm so impressed you stuck with it. I'm sure it's so nice looking back and having all the details recorded. You do a great job!

  8. That is so exciting! Time really flies. It most be so amazing to have all this to look back on with the kids. Cheers to blog birthdays and blog friends! :-)

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