Our Easter morning started off with two sleepy eyed children and one wide awake little babe stumbling into the kitchen...they found there foot prints left by the bunny as well as their assorted Easter baskets. These baskets were stuffed with the assorted candies of course but also some random assortment of toys. They were opened. The foot prints vacuumed right on up. And just general life kept happening. Hoots and cheers and noise and laughter. 
And then come afternoon - my parent's house! We had ourselves a nice little treat for Easter this year. It is sort of a hit or miss thing these past few years, mostly miss, whether our New Yorkers make it down for the trip. I think it's been something like five years since they were here. And then of course there was our Floridian Easter which was the bee's knees but with tax season and early Easters and such well a home Easter is what it is most of the time. As the fates would have it some of the New Yorkers made the journey to spend Easter Sunday with us at my parent's house. A whole lot of us.

My parents got the kids some goodies, a fun spring outfit and a coloring pad for Letty, Star Wars pjs  and a water rocket for David and a fun flip up book for Dominic. Among other things, of course. My Aunt Kim brought those enormous all set to go baskets that are just full of all kinds of goodies. Cars for David and Frozen for Letty. 

We had several courses of food. We had egg hunts for the kids big and small. We drank wine and coffee and more wine and coffee. My cousins played outside while we watched them on my parent's security cameras.... pretend arresting say why? But boys will be boys. It was a lovely Sunday full of far too much food and a whole lot of family. Just the way I like it. 

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