On the chalkboard:
I was prepping for a sibling taco night last week and thought this was fitting...
Courtesy of Kerri, this little gem. I'm still working on GOT too, but sometimes a girl just needs a fun read. 
Watching with Matt:
We try to get together with my brother and Sadie for a movie night now and again. The most recent one was In the Heart of the Sea. It was a great one for the big screen and also I'm never going out on the open waters again. Well, except for the cruise this fall. Because cruise ships are built to withstand such things. Right???
Last week we were feeling very summerish and had a bbq-like dinner. Hamburgers and hot dogs and my mom's world famous mac and cheese. It's creamy goodness is just my favorite. And it's like the one thing I am actually confident in making. Recipe here.
Oh. My. Lanta. This stuff must have some sort of addictive substance in it. Besides the coffee... Matt found it on sale and said he just couldn't leave it there on the shelf. I practically guzzle it.
Letty's last day of school is May 8th. So let's bring on the summer of fun! I start looking for local events of the free variety as well as hikes I want to go on... plus there is the whole picking of fruit I like to do each year...Every year. Oh the possibilities! I also got a jump start on our herb situation for the summer and I'm nursing them inside but planning on moving them outside as soon as weather permits. Come on weather!
Thinking about:
Well of course the mulch will have already been put down by the time this post goes live but I've been looking out at my finished (?) perennial garden wondering if perhaps it needs a bit more? My mom says throw some annuals in there and well, my mom is always right so I will probably do that... but what kinds? I am just so excited to have a flower garden again! It turns out I really missed my old one. It was such a pretty one. And here I heard the new homeowners tore it out. Sniff.
Watching on treadmill:
In between new episodes of Vampire Diaries, Scandal, Nashville, Once Upon a Time and Modern Family (I run a lot) I've been rewatching Lost. I'm only on season one but man is that a great show. I love, love, love it.

As I type this: 
It's last Wednesday... Letty is at school. David ran out with Matt to the store for some quick last-minute supplies. Dominic is napping. And I let (Okay I "let" that girl do practically whatever she wants because I am her aunt and that is my duty. To give her her heart's desires. Within reason) Lena have David's iPad while I was making the aforementioned mac and cheese. All while dancing to 90's rap music. Multi-tasking at it's finest. She liked it all so much it gave her crazy hair.
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  1. oh lena's sweet face :) all so great. i need to re-read paris book stat. just so it's fresh. maybe tonight. in between packing ha. PACKING YES. oh so excited.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. aww sad, what could be better then a flower garden? maybe they have black thumbs like myself and figured it would all die?
    I want that iced coffee! Where did he find it?

  3. Now I just want mac and cheese!

  4. um, i have a cruise in 2 months so i am clearly not watching that movie haha. i hope the ships are built to withstand all that stuff! i don't want to think about it lol

  5. Love these types of posts! I was just thinking of writing another "taking stock" post :) it's such a great way to capture life as it is now and will be fun to look back on years from now!

  6. Oh man that vanilla latte drink looks amazing...and I'm ready for the weather to stay warm, too!


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