coffee talk... so what's new with you?

Well happy Thursday! Pour your cup and pull up a proverbial chair yeah? 

So what's new with me this month? Well... funny you should ask.
As I mentioned yesterday, our kitchen remodel is finalllly done! And I mean. Wow! The month of March was the month of mayhem as far as our kitchen is concerned and I couldn't love the results more! It was a long time coming and felt like an even longer time happening. I went to a dark place with the final phase. Evil Laurie came out and hung around and she just marinated in all that dust and was quite the miserable lady.... Sorry Matt.

We have Letty's kindergarten registration and orientation today. Pray for me if you are the praying kind. I heard from a neighbor that the parents are questioned by one person while a teacher meets and evaluates Letty. Which I'll be on pins and needles about, wishing I could hear how she's doing. I am not looking forward to it.... And what makes it even worse is that while her elementary school is being rebuilt from the ground up they are temporary relocated to my old middle school. Oh yes, that's right. Our old blue and orange lockers! That building is so ancient and full of adolescent dramatic memories! I might walk in there today and PTSD might kick in. Talk about a mind warp! 

I had still been nursing Dom each evening up until the middle of last month. The more logical part of my brain tried blaming his lack of interest in cow's milk as my reason for continuing but in reality I just was holding on to it for me. The thought of never nursing a baby again is a pretty large pill to swallow.  Jagged large pill if you will (and isn't it ironic? Don't ya think?). With each child I wished success in the nursing game and I finally got there! Fifteen months! But knowing once I quit it will never happen for me again? A heady thing. And hey! If anyone has suggestions for getting a boy to drink his milk I'm all ears. And yes, we have tried the chocolate syrup addition even though I hated the thought. Not another addict please! Also, these cups! My sister found them and they are magic. The only leak when Dom spikes them into our new floors which is such a step up from other leaking cups. If you're kid never treats their cup like a football they would be perfect!

Looking outside at our measly landscaping I see it's time to start plumping up my perennial garden! I plan on getting a few new specimens this week to round it out a bit. A few blanket flowers for sure. Have any perennial suggestions for the out of practice gardener? And we need to order our mulch delivery which is ALWAYS such a good time. 

I am a Snapchat addict (user name: lolsen883). Officially. I love the sneak peak into the lives of fellow snappers. I guess I'm just elevating my stalker status there but it's been fun! And that amazing filter that makes me look like I'm walking around permanently airbrushed? I'll take it.  I'm really loving Elizabeth Minchilli (eminchilli) and being transported to Rome on the daily. All that food too!

David's allergies started back up annnnnd I forgot all about it. The signs were all there. The sniffles. The lack of appetite. The general disagreeable attitude. And so yeah. Need to get back into that habit stat. I'm also wondering if Dominic perhaps will suffer from these as well or if he just has a cold? But I read one cannot put them on allergy meds till they are two? A life sentence of Zyrtec and Flonase... my poor boys.

Anyways... What about you all? What's new with you?

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  1. ugh allergies are the worst :(
    yay added you on snapchat! haha at the airbrushed filter, yes please. my husband was like 'what did you do to your face?' when he saw a snap that i had used that filter. shut up, i'm always that pretty.
    thanks for linking up with us :)

  2. On the tail end of a sinus infection myself. Real allergies started over a month ago when the pines started mating. Red tips did it to me this time.

    What ever happened to sending in a form and that's that then going to open house for kindergarten? Was that only because I was the youngest of four and my parents gave up?

  3. welcome to allergy hell. i'm on 4 meds at the moment. for like forever til always. love snapchat and i am wondering who this person is that would say such a thing (me? who?) love coffee talk! ps two weeks.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Yes you've had a very busy month! So excited to see this kitchen reno in person! My prayers will be with you as you go to kindergarten orientation...anxious to hear how that goes! That must be so weird walking around your middle school halls. Ha. And I've still to find a leak free cup...I'm going to take your and Beth's word for it and try these miracle cups. I'm really tempted to check out this whole snap chat world, too...hmmm

  5. Let's not talk about the end of breastfeeding....I do not know what to do with myself.

  6. Good luck with kindergarten registration.. who knew it could be so mind-racking. My middle school colors were blue and orange, too :).

  7. Snap chat is definitely my favorite social media. I love how it's more real than a perfectly posed Instagram or a perfectly worded Twitter. Real life for the win :) Thanks for linking up with Kristen and me!

  8. ahh so glad again the remodel is done!!! and kindergarten oh my gosh. that's a big one! i cant even fathom! i know that will be stressy but y'all will do GREAT!! and minchilli, glory glory glory!

  9. Yay for remodel! If you every want to do it again my house is available ;) No? Nooo to allergies!! We all have them here. Last night I started diffusing the lavender peppermint lemon combo... We'll see... Is David on Zyrtec and Flonase?? What do they do? That may have to be Mia's path... And thank you thank you for introducing me to Elizabeth Minchilli!!! Takes me back to those gorgeous Roman streets instantly!


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