all on an april afternoon...

I can feel it. I can almost smell the sunscreen. The sand under my toes on my deck from the kids. The daily annual watering across the board, front and back. The bounce house. The white wine in a Disney cup on the deck. The water table. The Sublime Pandora station. Fire pits. It's almost here. So close I can taste it. Summer!

As luck would have it we had not one but two days like the above this past weekend. All of us on the deck and in the backyard. Working on browning our skin just a bit. Music going. Wine discreetly hidden. Snacks all around! Oh the Popsicles. So many Popsicles. Wet children and sandy children and while I loathe the mess I love the mess, you know? The kids thrive in the mess. And if I'm being honest here my kids could use a little dirtification now and again. They need to embrace the mess just as much as I do. 

We spent both afternoons outside just reveling in the warmth and the sunshine... and after dinner on Saturday we put Dom to bed and took the big kids outside for another fire pit, complete with stories and constellation gazing and even an International Space Station viewing. Just one of many nights to come, I'm sure.

The sand can stay the hell outta my house though. But that's why God invented wine!