a local school field trip

Last Wednesday, Letty's class had quite the field trip! I don't want to miss these things. Ever. Part of the perk of being a stay-at-home mom with a mom who is a stay-at-home Nonna is that thankfully, I never have to. Normally I have my niece on Wednesdays so it was even more lucky to have my mom watch Lena AND the boys for me so I could go. I want to get the 4-1-1. I want to see the dynamics. I want to spy on the teachers too a bit. But I also don't want Letty getting into the car of someone I don't know. I've decided I should just wave my neurotic freak flag high. Why bother hiding it? Sooner or later any new people that come into our lives are going to discover that I'm sort of nuts. Can I see your clearances? Background checks? How about guns? Locked up and hidden in a vault worthy of a Fort Knox, yeah? And no street playing! I know I'm a bit much. Embrace it though right? Right up front. 

Annnnyways so thankfully my mother supports me attending these type functions (although she does not share most of my neurosis) and off we went. Me and four five year old girls in our van caravan to the Manheim Library. Where they got a super brief tour. Attention spans being that of a gnat. They were read a story and then got to choose a book for their teacher to check out for them. 
Then we walked down the street to the Post Office. There stamps were purchased and their little hand written letters were mailed. They got to see the front and back of PO boxes as well as a brief tour of the dismal back room. That's a job I would never want. Although I was absolutely imagining the Elf mail room scene. Not sure the postmaster shared my amusement.  We saw a box of crickets back there which was quite the deal.
Afterwards we drove to the other side of town for some park play and a picnic lunch before they headed on back to school. A bit sunburned and a bit dirtier. But quite happy. 
And thank you Nonna and Poppop for taking the wheel for me on that fateful Wednesday! And to my sister. For letting me just cart Lena any old place.