a little throwback

To a time before the blog. To a time before kids. To a time when I used to fly south to visit Kerri every chance I got. And this is all very fitting because in a matter of hours I'll be driving to the airport to pick up said Kerri.

It's hard to believe that this trip was exactly ten years ago (almost to the day!). And here we haven't aged a bit! I can say that right? Can't I? This trip I didn't fly solo, my fiance Matt joined me (weird).

We laid by the pool where I got seriously fried making a rookie mistake of northern skin under a Floridian sun... We wandered around Downtown Disney... Twice... as it was the closest I could get to WDW that didn't cost my first born... We went to Universal Citywalk... Twice.  Where we danced and sang along at a piano bar like the free youths we were. We drove to the beach. More sun! Matt had a martini that made his face go numb. We went to Ripley's Believe it or Not... We laughed till our sides hurt about Matt's pointy toes and large calves. We listened to one of Kerri's amazing playlists that to this day if I hear one of those songs I'm transported back to this very trip...And all of this with Kerri's first Floridian apartment as a home base. And with her putting up with us wanting to be tourists... Driving us from place to place and back again. 

And yeah, I cried when we left to go home.